Are You Confusing Activity With Achievement?

I see people confusing activity with achievement all the time. I’ve seen it my whole life in all the industries I’ve been a part of, but it’s rampant with the millennials and musicians.         They confuse activity or “trying” with achievement. Your artist career won’t blossom without achievement. No matter how much…

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Are You Sure You Really Want That Record Deal?

Record Deal Feature MEME

Getting a record deal can be a blessing or a curse   This statement has been true since the first record label was created. I would hope that by this time, most of you would be aware that during the glory days of the record business, 90% of the signed artists lost money.   90%…

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Are You Working Really Hard But Feeling Completely Frustrated?

Frustrated Feature MEME

For one to be rich, someone else must be poor.     Money is the root of all evil.     Wealth is like a pie. Because the top 1% have 90% of the pie the rest of us must survive on the crumbs.         These implicit beliefs have us thinking that…

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Growing Your Audience Is Not About The Music Anymore

Music Second Feature MEME 2

I’m about to piss you off.   But keep reading because it’s important.   Growing your audience is NOT about the music anymore.   It used to be that way because the process dictated it.   The quality of your music today has nothing do with getting fans/customers when you’re marketing online.   Hostile?  …

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 When Creators Directly Connect with End Users, The World Changes

Connect Feature MEME

The biggest fundamental flaw of the OLD AND NEW music business is that the creators and/or owners of the creations have no freaking idea who their customers are.   (Pssst, you’re the creator).     Yes, they have demographics, but they don’t have their contact information so they don’t REALLY know who they are exactly.…

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You Need New Fans, But Where Is The Traffic Coming From?

Traffic Feature MEME

Where is your traffic coming from?   Have you ever asked yourself that?   My guess is no, because it’s clear to me that most artists and industry execs don’t ask, don’t know, and don’t care. They just want to continue doing what used to work and bitching about why it doesn’t. Your power, money,…

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STOP Thinking A CD Will Make You Famous

CD Ticket Feature

As one of Daredevil Production’s newest members, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Cody Upchurch, and I started working for the company a little over two weeks ago.  In that short amount of time, I have obtained an abundance of knowledge that only hands-on experience can provide.  After just 2 weeks, many of…

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Why Do You Keep Making The Same Stupid Mistakes?

Mistakes Feature MEME

No one will care about your music without marketing.   Exactly zero new people will hear your music to care about it without marketing yet so many indie artists continue to make these mistakes.   Nobody needs new music so they don’t care about your music because it’s new.   Great art does NOT find…

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How High-Resolution Audio Could Save The Music Industry

High-Resolution FEATURE MEME

You drive into any ghetto in the USA and you can find an 8-year-old kid selling crack on the street corner. The shoes he chooses to wear are usually the most expensive Air Jordan sneakers.   But the kid is 8.   That means he was born in 2009.   Michael Jordan retired in 1993,…

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Ignorant Boxers and Your Success In The Industry

Boxers Feature MEME

I stumbled across a 3-minute video on my Facebook feed that was a compilation of nothing but Mike Tyson knockouts.   Whoa!   That kid was extremely talented. He just threw BOMBS! So many of those knockouts were in the first or second round with a single punch.         That got me…

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