Tip of the Iceberg

Iceberg Feature Meme

Most of you are only scratching the surface.  You are only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing your music. All the fans you’re ever going to need are right there, literally at your fingertips on the keyboard of your computer. You can find them and target them. You can connect…

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Honest Truth Requires Humility

Humility Feature Image

So I’m definitely “on one” right now, apologies in advance if it’s a little edgy. I’m thinking about all us artists and how, because we’re people, we tend to ignore truth and honesty. This is most certainly a byproduct of a lack of humility. We ignore the honest truth our romantic relationships. (Ever catch yourself…

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Managing Expectations

Managing Expectation Vintage Car Accident TEXT

I want to help everyone clearly define their music career goals and compare these goals honestly with their career efforts for the purposes of managing expectations. Are you serious about making a living making your music or are you a hobbyist? Managing expectations honestly is a crucial component to a positive attitude and general sense…

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Suck It Bob Ezrin!

Bob Ezrin Suck it 2

I was reading a Bob Lefsetz post about a letter written to him from famed producer Bob Ezrin (Alice Cooper, Kiss, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd). READ THIS LETTER right now, it’s quick. In this letter Bob was nostalgic of the old music business and basically excoriating most of the new artists. While I can completely…

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Good Songs Are Not Enough

Song Not Enough

Good Songs are not enough. I received a tremendous response to my last article entitled “Your Biggest Mistake Ever” (thank you). It seems everyone is starting to catch on to the importance of marketing. Songwriters (hopefully) have great songs but struggle with getting attention and getting them monetized and I want to thank those of…

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Your Biggest Mistake Ever

Mistake Do Over image

  Your biggest mistake ever, ready?   Y’all are making it. Constantly. It’s marketing.   You’re either not even thinking of marketing your music (so there is no budget), you’re convinced marketing is too expensive (categorically UNTRUE), you’re waiting till your project is finished to market it (huh?), or you’re completely unaware of any effective…

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I Prefer The Foolish

Foolish. Yellow Diamond Sign series

I was watching the “I Heart Radio Awards” while grilling out back with my girlfriend, Cari, when I caught Justin Timberlake’s acceptance speech for this year’s Innovator Award. The always humble JT ended with two amazing quotes. The first was a Steve Jobs quote from a Stanford commencement speech that said “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.”…

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Consumers Are Starving For Your Music

Music Starving Millions

Consumers really want to buy music. I keep hearing everyone complain from the bottom and from the top that record sales are down; consumers aren’t buying. This is true. Why? Why aren’t people buying music like they used to if they really want to buy music?   Music is such an important part of so…

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Faith Requires Hard Work

Faith Feature 1

  Faith.   How’s your faith these days?     Do you believe in your music even in the absence of proof of success? Faith comes in all different shapes and sizes. In your God. In your significant other. That your car is going to make it Faith in your bandmates In your cowriters. In…

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How To Get Better: Practice

Practice Feature Image Juggle

As an artist I spent COUNTLESS hours practicing my guitar.  Practicing my vocals, writing, and practicing with my band. When we were making a living at making music there wasn’t a week that went by where we weren’t playing 4-6 hours a day as a band. It came from our regular practice schedule and then…

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