What Kind of Genuine Emotion Are You Selling?

Selling Emotion Sold Out Feature Image

Selling. Selling is all about emotion not about the product. You sell every day you just choose to think about it differently.   Make no mistake, you are selling every day.   You’re probably really good at it too.   Who is the most effective influencer amongst your circle of friends?     Who is…

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You’re Amazingly Talented, Why Not Market You RIGHT NOW?

Marketing Right Now MEME Feature

Right now, right now, RIGHT NOW is the time you should be marketing. Not after your record is done, not after you find “your sound”, not after the single has been completed and/or decided.   Music comes later. Marketing comes now.   Besides, it’s a meaningful, educational, and pleasant distraction from any artistic focus you…

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You Absolutely Can If You Will Your Life

Will Feature Image

I date a beautiful first grade teacher of 17 years who has two amazing daughters that are 11 and 8 years old.   The first week of this past October, it was their school fall break, so I took them up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for a couple days to see where I grew up. Lake…

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Why Do Consumers Absolutely Ignore The Best New Music? (part 2)

Music Influence 2

In Nashville the tourist trap honkytonks are all located on Broadway between 1st and 5th streets. The North side of Broadway gets 40% more foot traffic than the south side.   Location, Location, Location.   Here’s the deal, in this market example, the foot traffic is a reality regardless of what bars are there. Putting…

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Why Do Consumers Absolutely Ignore The Best New Music? (part 1)

Music Change Comedy Tragedy masks

We can all agree the market has changed in the music industry. If the market has changed then so must the marketing methodologies. Alas, the industry hasn’t changed and the record sales are a direct reflection of this lack of adaptability.       This is part one of a two-part article that dissects exactly…

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Make No Mistake, Your Crude Oil Is Useless

Mistake Feature image

I keep hearing artists say they can’t afford and they don’t know how to market their music. If you’re not marketing, make no mistake, you have recorded a vanity project.   It’s for nobody else but you.   Yes, you’re going to sell a few CD’s at live shows, but these are more of an…

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How Is Your Amazing Music Absolutely Worthless?

Worthless Crap Rooftop Sign MEME Feature

Y’all should know by now the difference between distribution and marketing. Distribution is where consumers go to purchase your music and merchandise, the marketing is why they’re going to go there. Distribution is stocking a product people want to buy. Marketing is the art of influencing buying decisions which drives traffic to the distribution centers.…

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Why Do You Feel Like You Have No WILLPOWER?

Willpower knob feature 600x315

Willpower is what is going to make or break you in any endeavor you choose, be it artistic, business, romantic, or health oriented. I hear from so many of you about your struggles with willpower even when you aren’t trying to articulate anything regarding self-control.   It’s evident.   Some of you complain about the…

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A Hit Songwriters Advice On How To Survive

Songwriting Advice Hit Songwriter Feature image

Now, I certainly don’t know everything about songwriting and how to get cuts- if I did, I’d be writing a song on a beach somewhere right now.  But I have been blessed to land a top 5 country hit in the US (“Monday Morning Church” by Alan Jackson) and a #1 country hit in Canada…

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How Is An Experiment Different From a Mistake?

Experiment Mistake FEATURE MEME

What’s the difference between an experiment and a mistake or a failure? A failed (I hate that word) experiment is a consequence that refines your process, it’s a step forward. A failed experiment is merely a necessary and (should be) anticipated speed bump. A mistake is hitting the same speed bump repeatedly. The definition of…

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