50 Reasons Why You Better Love The Grind

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I’ve got big news for all of you. Life is not a grind, life IS THE GRIND. Life is what happens while you’re waiting around making plans. The trick to life is understanding that you have to LOVE the grind. Life is not the future, life is not the past; life is RIGHT NOW. When…

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How To Be More Successful By Losing Your Friends

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Some of you are going to have a hard time with this article. It’s because I’m going to be pressing hard on a raw nerve you may not be aware of. Whether you are cognizant or not, the discomfort exists. What will sting is that for some of you, to be more successful, you’re going…

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How To Get Successful, You Desperately Need More Awareness

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Awareness is the key element to deserving success. I subscribe to Tai Lopez’s 67 steps to success. It’s paid coaching and it’s awesome. While I 100% support paid coaching (a resource that most of you choose not participate in which demonstrates a lack of humility, I mean you must already know it all right? But…

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How To Actually Deal With Professional Music Critiques

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Music critiques sting when they aren’t positive. For me, I always put a lot of weight on critiques, especially from respected music business people and even some not so respected failed musician turned journalist/critics.   You should put weight on critiques from your music business “elders”, but how much?   Here’s the thing, just because…

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Music Marketing Reasons

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The music industry is SUFFERING because consumers don’t need more ways to connect with artists and purchase products, they need more reasons. Creating reasons consumers want to buy is what music marketing is all about. Why does the music industry keep creating new WAYS for fans to purchase music/merch/tickets, etc.? You’ve heard of “Murphy’s Law”? Well,…

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Lombardi, Greatness, and YOU

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Vince Lombardi achieved GREATNESS. He was an amazing, driven, highly successful, and highly influential individual who chose professional football coaching as a career back when the pressure was the same but professional football coach’s salaries were nowhere near what they are today. So he didn’t do it for the money, he did it out of…

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Invest In Your Future

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If you want to own a McDonald’s franchise you are going to have to invest some money in the franchisee contract.   If you don’t own a McDonald’s franchise and you work for McDonald’s, you’re an employee of the person who does own the franchise. If you want to look decent at a professional job…

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16 Periscope Music Marketing Ideas

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Periscope’s slogan is “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes” For those of you who are unaware of this app, Periscope (and Meerkat) allow you to broadcast live video through your Twitter app.   MIND BLOWN   Thank you to my dear friend Gary Shapiro for turning me on to this app a few months…

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State of the Industry

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The state of the industry in the music business seems abysmal to many. I disagree. It’s definitely changing which makes it uncomfortable for everyone. It’s more treacherous for bigger companies as it is far more difficult to steer a huge ship to navigate the constantly moving target of the new market. I feel the outlook…

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Commanding Respect

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I see too many artists asking for and/or demanding respect.   I have come into contact with endless throngs of people throughout my life experience that DEMAND respect because of their job title, social position, or just because they’re so damn narcissistic that they really think everyone should respect them.   Why do people do…

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