All About That Bass

Charlie Sanborn bass

There are 2 kinds of good bass players in this world. The first is the kind that amazes you with their musicianship and ability when they play. Their pocket is deep. It’s like they reach down in between their legs and ease the seat back so far they’re navigating from the third row seat, man.…

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Quality Over Quantity

Quality vs Quantity Feature image

All too often I see artists overcome the common hurdle of funding their recording budget only to fail miserably at project management. They’re engrossed with recording a full length CD so they focus on how to achieve that goal within their budget parameters.  They choose quantity over quality. Professionally this is a poor choice. What’s…

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20 Artists Prove Their Value First

Prove Your Worth

We are constantly hearing comments from up and coming indie artists like “I just need to get my deal [and then I’ll be successful]” or “If I could just get in front of the right person, I know I could be successful.” I got news for you, the record business doesn’t work like that anymore.…

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2 Biggest Promotion Budget Mistakes

Promotion rotating promo image

We often hear from artists inquiring about marketing and promotion services for their music project.  They want some guidance on the best way to spend their money.  Today I thought I would share some of the most common mistakes indie artists make for their marketing and promotion budgets. First, I want to point out that…

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Stay In Tune

In Tune Tuning Fork

 They say that one really can’t be successful until they get their mind, body, and spirit “in tune”. What does that mean exactly? If an instrument is not in tune it is displeasing to the ear. Hell, it evokes hostility in Kelly and me. It induces uncomfortable feelings of dis-ease and horror, plugging of the…

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Fearless Production and Marketing

Fearless Production fate loves the fearless

I really want to share something with y’all.  It may sound a bit self-serving but I’m thinking of you (as always) so read through to the end…you’ll get it.  Here’s the deal, I’m super excited today. Kelly Schoenfeld and I were chosen to develop an artist who has really got the gift.  This artist’s vocal…

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Creativity Is NOT a Talent

Creativity Crayon image

My good friend Wade Sutton sent me a link to a video of the amazing John Cleese (from the Monty Python comedic team) giving a speech on creativity.  I was blown away.  The video is 36 minutes but I highly recommend watching it because it’s worth it. I thought an article on some creative exercises…

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Quit Being Derivative

Derivatives Mona Lisa Selfie

I get about 3-8 emails every week where people send me music and ask for advice.  These artists come from many different genres.  I’m generalizing to be sure when I say they mostly suffer from the same issue, they’re derivative. They’re mostly derivative, right? Don’t be derivative. Look, don’t get me wrong, if a derivative…

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Get Comfortable With Uncomfortable

Uncomfortable head in a jar with water image FEATURE SIZE

In our podcast episode entitled “What Is Producing”, Kelly and I discuss the many hats we find ourselves wearing as artist developers.  One hat is that of a psychologist to our artists and writers. Artists are, and should be, constantly uncomfortable. They need guidance, assurance, a friend, a shoulder to cry on, a champion, a…

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12 Thoughts On Un-Professional Songwriters

Professional red ball image

By Johnny Dwinell I was having coffee yesterday at The Red Bicycle in Germantown (holy crap their crepes are AH-MAZING) with an artist writer friend.  We got involved in a passionate discussion about song demos and some different perspectives to consider before recording and pitching them. We were discussing what it means and what it…

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