How To Create A Killer EPK

EPK Feature Image

By Johnny Dwinell These days a killer Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is becoming increasingly necessary as an effective, immediate method to demonstrate yourself as an artist to live venues, booking agents, PR firms, promoters, investors, labels, Lawyers, etc. A good EPK is tricky to put together mostly because artists get confused as to the intent…

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There Is No EZ Button!

EZ Button 1 Epic Event Image

By Johnny Dwinell The music business, like your life, is all about how much work you put into it. There is No EZ Button! Our personal and professional lives are shaped and determined by what we do consistently, not any one event. We work, or choose not to work, every day on our relationships, our…

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5 Twitter Marketing Strategies

5 Twitter image

By Johnny Dwinell Twitter is an awesome surgical marketing tool With over 250 million active users, you have an amazing FREE tool for finding people that are like-minded and connecting with them; like a cocktail party of sorts.  After you have recorded your masterpiece, you need to bring it to the world.  Twitter allows you…

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Don’t Sing On Your Song Demo Dummy!

By Johnny Dwinell Don’t sing your song demo dummy! If you do, especially if you’re a novice at creating song demos (not necessarily singing), you will inevitably limit your opportunities to sell the song; you will end up casting a “smaller net” regardless of your vocal ability.   All too often, I see aspiring songwriters who…

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What’s In Your Toolbox?

By Johnny Dwinell What’s in your toolbox?  What’s in your emotional toolbox, your artistic toolbox, your business toolbox, your marketing toolbox? Huh? I used to have a huge fear of commitment. OMG, what?? Years ago after I got off the road as the lead singer for a hair band I realized I was having challenges…

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Are You A Rip-Off Artist?

Rip-Off Artist Feature image

By Johnny Dwinell Are you a rip-off artist? Huh? Yeah, man, John Lennon wasn’t the first to say, “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” Beethoven took from: Mozart (they arguably met and Mozart arguably gave Beethoven lessons) Tom Petty took from: Bob Dylan – this one’s obvious, right?? The Continentals (feat. Don Felder [Eagles]) The…

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10 Superstars Who’d Fail On American Idol

American Idol Feature image

By Johnny Dwinell What is your lane? Do you really know? Should it change? Are you sure? Keith Urban on American Idol I was inspired by Keith Urban after hearing his comment on American Idol last week. He said something to the effect of (and I’m paraphrasing), “If these people would just listen to our…

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You Learn To Be An Artist

Learn To Be an Artist Feature image

By Johnny Dwinell You learn to be an artist like you learn to be an expert plumber, like you learn to play poker, or like you become a master craftsman working with fine wood furniture.  First you tackle the broad strokes and then increasingly you focus on details until you become a student of the…

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A Dead Fish Can Float Downstream

By Johnny Dwinell “Remember, a dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live one to swim upstream” – W.C. Fields Are you a dead fish?  I love this quote.  If you think that money and the right connections equates to “easy street” for your career or that you need these things before you…

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All About YOU

All about You ROCK image

By Johnny Dwinell At least once a week Ill get an email asking What does it take to have a successful music career like _____? The short answer is that there are literally a million ways to skin that cat, but the ONLY common denominator in EVERY success story is the artist. Every successful story…

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