When Creators Directly Connect with End Users, The World Changes

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The biggest fundamental flaw of the OLD AND NEW music business is that the creators and/or owners of the creations have no freaking idea who their customers are.   (Pssst, you’re the creator).     Yes, they have demographics, but they don’t have their contact information so they don’t REALLY know who they are exactly.…

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You Need New Fans, But Where Is The Traffic Coming From?

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Where is your traffic coming from?   Have you ever asked yourself that?   My guess is no, because it’s clear to me that most artists and industry execs don’t ask, don’t know, and don’t care. They just want to continue doing what used to work and bitching about why it doesn’t. Your power, money,…

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STOP Thinking A CD Will Make You Famous

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As one of Daredevil Production’s newest members, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Cody Upchurch, and I started working for the company a little over two weeks ago.  In that short amount of time, I have obtained an abundance of knowledge that only hands-on experience can provide.  After just 2 weeks, many of…

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Why Do You Keep Making The Same Stupid Mistakes?

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No one will care about your music without marketing.   Exactly zero new people will hear your music to care about it without marketing yet so many indie artists continue to make these mistakes.   Nobody needs new music so they don’t care about your music because it’s new.   Great art does NOT find…

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How High-Resolution Audio Could Save The Music Industry

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You drive into any ghetto in the USA and you can find an 8-year-old kid selling crack on the street corner. The shoes he chooses to wear are usually the most expensive Air Jordan sneakers.   But the kid is 8.   That means he was born in 2009.   Michael Jordan retired in 1993,…

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Ignorant Boxers and Your Success In The Industry

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I stumbled across a 3-minute video on my Facebook feed that was a compilation of nothing but Mike Tyson knockouts.   Whoa!   That kid was extremely talented. He just threw BOMBS! So many of those knockouts were in the first or second round with a single punch.         That got me…

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How Comparing Will Kill Your “Right Now”

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  The Bible had it right. THOU SHALT NOT COVET!   Why do we do this? Why do we compare?   Why are we putting so much stock in another artist’s journey?   Especially when we are comparing our beginning to someone else’s middle.   Y’all compare your art with other artists you know and…

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How To Stop Failing And Grow Your Audience Right Now

I want to talk about your future as an artist.   Let’s discuss the delays and the reason behind the delays.   When I refer to “delays” I’m not referring to “why you’re not a star yet”. No, if you have a solid strategy and you’re executing it, then you should be farther along this…

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How To STOP Losing To A Kindergartener

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What the hell does 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape, one yard of string, a marshmallow and a Kindergartener have to do with your artist career?   Answer: Everything.   These were the raw materials presented to several different 4-person groups with a specific challenge.   The Challenge: Each group has 18 minutes…

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Think About Growth And Your Audience Will Empower You

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Many of you have now become aware of different indie artist self-help gurus and they have one common message; collect contact data.       Not for nothing, major label artists, famous people, actors, radio stations, ministers (big and small God’s children all God’s children), film studios, and TV networks could all change their worlds…

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