Johnny Dwinell What’s your plan to expose your music to the world?  I mean EXPOSE people to your music NOT “make it available for people to find”.  You really need answer this question honestly and then get on board with the business of learning how to make that happen if you ever plan on making…

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Studio Shopping

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By Johnny Dwinell Every singer/songwriter/artist comes to a point where it’s time to record your songs and you are relegated with the task of finding the right place to record or “studio shopping”.  This can be very daunting, especially if you have little or no experience at it. What should you be shopping for? What…

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Demo or Master Track?

Demo or Master Track? Johnnydwinell May 1 2013 By Johnny Dwinell Kelly and I are constantly having conversations with singers, songwriters, and artists about what kind of recording is the most effective for their needs and goals.� Since a lot of you have real questions about the differences between these kinds of recordings I thought…

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How To Get A Record Deal Today

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If your goal as an unknown band, solo artist, or singer/songwriter Is to write a great song or songs, record a demo and “shop it” to record labels with the hopes of getting a deal, you’re wasting your money. That ship has sailed long ago; whether you like it or not, or want to believe…

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