How Do Valuable Contact Lists Actually Boost Your Career?


I love artists, especially indie artists like you. I live every day to help them. Sometimes I’m motivational, inspirational, educational, and sometimes I’m all three. Today is educational and it’s all about contact lists. Creating a life for yourself as an artist is going to require more than your amazing talent. It’s going to require…

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Happiness Drives Everything


“I’m not some great philosopher. This is simple shit. ONE AT BAT. THIS IS IT. YOU’RE GOING TO DIE. Like, I don’t understand…here’s what I don’t understand. I want to talk about complaining. I want to talk about complaining. If you are making your own bed you have to sleep in it and you need…

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How To Be A Better Leader


Success in your artist career depends on your ability to clearly articulate your vision, your goals, and the values that your organization will follow to attain said goals. Essentially you need to be a better leader.   You need to be a great leader.   Your artist life would be easier if you learned how…

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Drop This Habit Now and You’ll Absolutely Guarantee Success


Too many of you seem to naively rely on your musical gift as if that is the end-all-be-all to success.       In fact, many of you seem to be utterly dumbfounded at that lack of attention you receive from the industry solely because of your musical gift (even if you’re delusional about that…

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Authentic: YOU Are The Only Thing That Is Truly Unique


I hear so many artists pontificating about being “original” or “authentic” in their art. Most artists do not bring their unique authentic selves to their art because that requires a lot of intelligence, work, and vulnerability.   All of this for little in return more than pride in the work.   It’s too much work…

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Content Is The Bridge That Will Actually Get Them To Listen


Your bridge to reaching new fans and getting them to love you and give your music a chance is amazing content.   Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m sure you’ve heard that one before.   Just like I hear all the record biz people talking about how social media is so important in today’s marketplace.   Trouble…

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Powerful Story Branding Will Make You More Successful

Story Branding Feature MEME

If you aren’t aware of story branding yet then you’re welcome, in advance. This is your introduction.   It’s going to change your life and, YES, I’m going to give you a real world example in this article.   Do you know how those memory experts, who during a live performance, can remember 100 random…

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What Is The Right Approach To Ensure Your Artist Success?

Artist Success Approach Feature MEME

There is an over-promise of artist success amongst all artists in all genres like country, rap, rock, pop, etc. This over-promise has become the key ingredient to your failure.   It’s causing you to lose.   I give credit where credit is due and this article was inspired by this 3 minute video from Gary…

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How To Make Adversity Grow A Loyal Fan Base

Why are we so afraid of a challenge? Why do we lose sleep over the thought of pending adversity?   If you’re familiar with me it’s easy to see my attraction and fascination with Gary Vaynerchuk. We think similarly and have similar tone (at least that’s what I choose to believe). Gary has a regular…

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What If You’re Waiting On the Wrong Things?

Waiting Traffic Lights Feature

I received a little heat for my last blog article entitled How to Actually Get Paid Living As An Artist. People reached out and commented (complained); they thought it was a misleading title   “When do I find out how to get paid?” was a common response.   So let’s dig a little deeper because…

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