Powerful Story Branding Will Make You More Successful

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If you aren’t aware of story branding yet then you’re welcome, in advance. This is your introduction.   It’s going to change your life and, YES, I’m going to give you a real world example in this article.   Do you know how those memory experts, who during a live performance, can remember 100 random…

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What Is The Right Approach To Ensure Your Artist Success?

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There is an over-promise of artist success amongst all artists in all genres like country, rap, rock, pop, etc. This over-promise has become the key ingredient to your failure.   It’s causing you to lose.   I give credit where credit is due and this article was inspired by this 3 minute video from Gary…

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How To Make Adversity Grow A Loyal Fan Base

Why are we so afraid of a challenge? Why do we lose sleep over the thought of pending adversity?   If you’re familiar with me it’s easy to see my attraction and fascination with Gary Vaynerchuk. We think similarly and have similar tone (at least that’s what I choose to believe). Gary has a regular…

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What If You’re Waiting On the Wrong Things?

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I received a little heat for my last blog article entitled How to Actually Get Paid Living As An Artist. People reached out and commented (complained); they thought it was a misleading title   “When do I find out how to get paid?” was a common response.   So let’s dig a little deeper because…

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How To Actually Get Paid Living As An Artist

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How do you get paid to live an artist’s life?   Artists ask me this question all the time. The answer is there are endless ways to get paid for your art.   Most artists don’t see the answers or fail to ask the right questions because they are imprisoned by the limiting beliefs that we…

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Why Does Social Media Have To Be Obnoxious Marketing?

Obnoxious Marketing Feature

Many artists cramp up at that the thought of marketing. It’s understandable because the experiences that stick in their psyche the most are of obnoxious marketing.   In fact, I want you to consider something.   Most of the marketing messages or experiences that stick in your mind are the bad ones.   The good…

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What Music Marketing Questions Do You Need to Succeed?

Music Marketing Questions Feature

Follow me on this and I’ll steer you to asking the right music marketing questions.   It was 1976 (I believe), I was 8 years old. Don’t ask me why, but my parents (thank GOD) took me to our local outdoor concert shed called Alpine Valley to see Neil Diamond live. He had JUST cut…

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Why Do Failures and Mistakes Actually Make You Better?

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There are no failures and mistakes.   You’ve heard that before, rah, rah, rah.  It’s designed to make you feel better, right? It’s so prominent on social media with every other vapid affirmation that we hardly even read it, we almost never stop and soak that in.   I get it, believe me!   What…

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5 Super Effective Tricks: How to Build Your List

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How to build your customer list?   Why should you build your customer list?   We’re going to answer both today.   The reason why is you have to own the information.   Simply put; if you don’t own it somebody else does.   Whomever owns the information controls the information.     Huh?  …

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Self Awareness: Why do some people make you feel so bad?

Self Awareness Steel Ball Reflection FEATURE

Self-awareness, you either have it or you don’t.   That’s a true statement.   That doesn’t mean you can’t get it if you don’t have it.   In fact, we are all born with a certain lack of self-awareness. If you’ve ever seen a toddler who believes that by covering her eyes she becomes invisible…

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