Why A False Victim Is A Controlling, Evil Person That Will Crush Your Dreams

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You have important choices early on in your career and in your life. You can choose to be responsible for the decisions you make (or don’t make) or you can choose to be the person who’s constantly blaming outside forces for their outcome. This is called a false victim.   I’m going to tell you…

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How To Find Your Perfect Music Manager

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The answer to “how to find a music manager” or “how to find a producer” is easy.   I’m going to answer it, but first we need to dig a little into what makes you tick, ok? “For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today…

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2 Case Studies: How To Find Your Sound

How do you find your sound? It’s different for every artist, at least it should be. There has to be attention paid to what the artist is doing creatively so that the sound is what the artist is really, genuinely trying to do or you end up with a dancing chicken. That’s no fun.  …

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29 Cool Tools That Will Improve Your Content Quality

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Content, content, content. That’s what it’s all about people. If you’re an artist you are also a small business. I know that concept sickens some of you and is thrilling for others but it is true.   Corporations are learning quickly how to cut through the clutter by “humanizing” their brand via killer, intentional content.…

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What Happened To Your Intention? How To Craft Professional Success

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The road to hell is paved with good intention.   I would imagine one version of hell would be described as a blissfully unaware artist who is forever trying to grab the brass ring but is nowhere ever near it. The hell would be the dumbfounded frustration that the artist feels because they believe they…

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Why You Need To Make Time For Marketing Your Music

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Head check time. Take a deep breath.  I ask the same question of all incoming Daredevil Insiders, “What are you most frustrated with?”     Most common answer:  “Marketing my music and social media”. What’s the #1 reason most artists say they are not up to speed on marketing?   Most common answer:  They don’t…

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Poverty? How To Think Your Way Out Of It.

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This is going to piss a lot of artists off, but it really is the truth and I want to make you aware of it; otherwise you simply won’t grow. Poverty is a state of mind. It has very little to do with access to resources or capital. This goes for artistic poverty as well…

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How To Make Their Perception Your Amazing Reality

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Perception is reality in your art. You’d better freaking know this. Sadly, many of you don’t or you do and you choose to ignore it for some reason.   Perception is also reality in your marketing.   I want to talk about how the market, A.K.A. consumers, in other words YOUR POTENTIAL FANS perceive you.…

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It’s Your Cage; It Can Be As Oppressive As You Want It To Be

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Follow me on this, I promise it’s all about artists. Election season is here in the United States and personally, I hate all politicians on both sides of the isle because their job security is not related in any way to performance.   That’s an accident looking for a place to happen.   It’s gross.…

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How To Craft Killer Content And Create Loyal Fans

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If you’ve read my first book Music Marketing On Twitter: How To Get 1,000 Loyal Fans Every Month In Just 15 Minutes Per Day (which I give out for free just click through if you don’t already have it) you have figured out how to identify your audience, target them, and connect with them on…

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