Reach & Frequency: How to Get Valuable Fans To Actually Listen

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Marketing of any kind requires 2 very necessary components: Reach and Frequency.   First, you have to reach the (hopefully) targeted audience.   Second, there has to be frequency on the message, regardless of how good it is, before it sinks in.   Both are expensive via the mass media.   Both aren’t working anymore…

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Permission Marketing: The Secret To The New Music Business

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Artists, if you don’t read Permission Marketing by Seth Godin you’re an idiot. Period.   The first 50 pages of this book absolutely confirm the messaging and concepts of every music marketing article I have ever written over the last 3 years; it is exactly the business model that Daredevil Production is building.   It’s…

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I Want You To Climb (New Podcast)

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I want you to climb. I want you to succeed. As per your many requests, I am happy to FINALLY announce that I have another way for artists and songwriters to consume the information I share in the form of a new podcast called “The C.L.I.M.B.”.   This new podcast is LIVE and available for…

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How Will Expert Proximity Really Make A Beautiful Dream?

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If you want to play the game you need to be in the game. To get in the game requires proximity.   But proximity to what, exactly?   Proximity to the knowledge, outlook, perspective, talent, and energy you need to achieve your definition of success.   Proximity is absolutely everything, and those that truly want…

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Are You Sure Your Favorite Artists Are Really Organic?

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Watch this BBC Music Moguls documentary. It’s one hour long and worth every second. “Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd” – P.T. Barnum of Barnum & Bailey Circus   Let’s face it, the music business IS a circus whether you like it or not or whether you want to admit it or not.…

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1 Amazing Step Will Absolutely Set You Free, Baby

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It doesn’t matter what you do in life, we all want to be successful. However you define “success” is up to you. I define success as a life spent making a living doing something you absolutely love which results in true artistic freedom.   Some of you in the Daredevil community are hipsters, hippies, children…

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Leverage: Are You Creating Any In The Music Business?

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Creating leverage is mission critical to all communications between business relationships, familial relationships, romantic relationships, platonic relationships, and the coveted artist/fan relationships.   Leverage is paramount to solidifying the outcome that the communicator wishes to create. Leverage, when wielded benevolently, can foster an openness from the receiver to accept or at least strongly consider the…

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Is Your Perspective Killing Your Career Right Now?

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Isn’t perspective the answer to everything?   More succinctly PROPER perspective is the answer to being the smoothest player in the game of life.   At the risk of sounding redundant, proper perspective puts things in proper perspective.   Proper perspective increases your chances of success exponentially.   On the contrary, an inaccurate perspective can…

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20 Biggest Indie Artist Marketing Mistakes

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At the end of every year I ask y’all to respond to me about your feelings on the article content. I also ask for any suggestions on what you want me to write about moving forward. Many of you responded with requests for help. You asked for answers to some of the common problems I’m…

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Awesome Marketing That Will Make Your Music Absolutely Sticky

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I’ve been reading the brilliant book Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath. It breaks down why some ideas stick and some ideas die. For instance, why are Aesop’s fables still remembered after 2,500 years (“The Tortoise and the Hare”, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, etc.)?   Why are urban legends so “sticky” like…

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