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You will receive the major label experience.

At Daredevil Production, LLC we approach custom records from your unique identifiable talent as an artist. Here is an example of the steps we take to deliver these radio-ready mixes.



Custom Records Songwriting

Our first job is to guarantee that the songs (or blueprints) are as strong as they need to be and agree with the image and message of the artist to compete in today’s music marketplace. As every artist is different, every approach will be different, to effectively determine exactly what kind of artist you are before we begin.

What kind of artist are you?





Custom Records Pre Production Coffee



If you’ve ever painted a room, you know that 90% of the job is preparing to paint. ┬áMaking records is kind of the same. Preparation is everything and we’ll take the time to map out every note on each song.




Custom Records Recording Vintage

Time to get the band warmed up!

With a clear vision and a solid road map for each song, we’re ready to enter into the studio and make the magic happen. It’s incredible how versatile the top Nashville studio players are. We’ll show them the blueprint, talk about the direction, and press record.



Custom Records Vocal psycho

While we’re tracking the live band you’ll be in the vocal booth but only as a “stunt vocal” or “scratch vocal”. Your live vocal with the band allowed them to fill in the necessary holes and creatively work around your melody.

But now it’s time get the best vocal you’ve ever recorded in your life. You’re going to be busy so warm up accordingly.



Custom Records Editing Reel To Reel Tape

Now that all the tracking is done, the next step is to edit the tracks to ensure the band is tight and the music is at the level necessary for radio ready mixes.



Custom Records Mixing Vintage Woman

Mixing is an art form. There are guys in Nashville who are famous just for mixing! This is where your dream all comes together in one pretty package. All the tracks are mixed together to create a radio-ready track that you’ll be proud of for the rest of your life.