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If you want to sell 10,000 records, you’re going to have meet 10,000 people and shake 10,000 hands.

Even if it’s a digital handshake.

Before the industrial revolution (and the invention of the automobile), your “universe” was confined to about a 3 mile radius of your little town. Therefore, all business that was transacted was via “Permission Marketing” meaning the consumer and the seller had a relationship. You knew the owners of the General Store, the blacksmith, the vet, the teacher, and the local artists, because they lived in your little town.

Today, we have access to the whole world from our smartphone! Yay! Unfortunately we also suffer through the whole world’s advertising messages.

With all the advertising clutter on the internet, TV, print, radio, billboard, and social media (you see 3,000 ads per day!) mass marketing and radio have become increasingly ineffective at branding and breaking artists. The record sales have declined 90% even for ESTABLISHED ICONIC ARTISTS because of this fact.

And It’s only going to get worse.

The secret to cutting through the clutter and getting your music heard by an audience is to return to permission marketing. We are back to creating relationships. Fans simply won’t purchase music from an artist that they don’t  feel they have a relationship with.

Social Media Marketing is MISSION CRITICAL for artist exposure and success in the new music business.

Social media is a fantastic, surgical tool that will help you find your audience.

You also have to know what you’re doing or it can backfire.  OK, it usually backfires, especially for indie artists.

There is a lot to learn before becoming a master and we excel in this department every day.

Once we have turned your targeted strangers into friends, your new friends will become customers; creating cash flow.


  • TwitterSocial Media Marketing Twitter Logo

    • Expansion – Experience immediate targeted growth of at least 1,000 followers per month
    • Content – We will create and post regular “shareable” content to keep your followers interested in your account
    • Engagement – You want content that makes people respond. We do that.
    • Influence – Proper “weeding” of fake, spam, and inactive accounts along with a regular growth regimen will increase your influence in the “Twittersphere”.
    • Cash Flow – Once your targeted strangers become friends, there’s a point where they’re willing to buy. We know how to make that happen.
    • Traffic Generator – Send followers to a website, web store, squeeze page, YouTube Channel, new social media account, etc.
    • IMPROVE downloads and exposure immediately
    • INCREASE your contact lists (inc. emails and phone numbers) using Twitter as a traffic driver
    • SUPREMELY Targeted Audiences (genre, location, artist, etc.) – How targeted you ask? We once had an artist who wrote a song called “Haggard Fan”. We were able to successfully target from country music to outlaw country music, to Merle Haggard fans using Twitter. We increased that account by 5,000 followers in 3 months with 2,000 downloads of the song. That’s targeting!


  • FREE Bestselling Twitter Book – Music Marketing On Twitter: How To Get 1,000 Loyal Music Fans Every Month In Just 15 Minutes AMistake Twitter Day. 






  • Instagram Social Media Marketing Instagram Logo

    • Expansion – Experience immediate targeted growth of Instagram followers
    • Content – We will create and post intriguing, “sharable” content to generate active responses..
    • Engagement – Instagram is the most engaging social media platform by far. People want to reach out on Instagram.
    • Cash Flow – via Daredevil Production prepared Sales Funnel





  • YouTubeSocial Media Marketing YouTube Logo

    • YouTube Channel Trailers
    • Expansion – Experience immediate growth of your YouTube Channel subscribership
    • Engagement – We will set up your YouTube videos and channel to spur engagement and get your audience involved
    • Annotations – We will annotate your videos to drive traffic to squeeze pages, text capture, web stores, etc.
    • Cash Flow – We can monetize your YouTube views as well after certain YouTube created thresholds are reached. (Some artists make a 6 figure or even 7 figure income just from YouTube.)
    • ***NOTE*** many artists have broken on YouTube. This platform is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google and the #1 search engine for MUSIC.  A solid, consistent, and clever YouTube strategy that is customized to the individual artist’s strengths is a simply lethal exposure weapon for any up and coming indie artist.



  • FacebookSocial Media Marketing Facebook Logo

    • Expansion – See weekly growth in FB page “LIKES”
    • Content – We will create and post content targeted to influence your targeted audience.
    • Engagement – We will set up strategies to dramatically increase comments, likes, and shares on your Facebook posts. We’ve hosted contests in the past where we were able to generate 100,000 comments in 1 hour. That’s engagement!





  • PeriscopeSocial Media Marketing Periscope-Logo 2

    • Effective Persicope audience building strategies
    • Interactive marketing to engage fans
    • Multi-Purpose content for use on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.






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