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If you LOVED my last book “Music Marketing On Twitter”, This ADVANCED book will take you to the next level.

Perfect for you to read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device.Advance Music Marketing Book 800x500

In the first book, you learned how to target potential fans and gain followers. In this book, I am going to show you the next steps. I outline many of the methods and secrets that I use to create actual, monetizable relationships with my client’s Twitter accounts turning followers into Superfans.

This method WORKS. It not only works for me but the many other people that have followed this system with a 100% success ratio as long as they execute the simple steps.

A “Like” or a “Follow” is a weak relationship at best. I compare it to a handshake at a crowded cocktail party. Maybe they’ll remember you, maybe they won’t. Something else has to happen to deepen the relationship enough to get them to pay attention to your content and ultimately buy your music. This book shows you the secrets and strategies I use to create social media fans so rabid for my artists they have follower created fan accounts.

Here is the first 1/3 of my new book Advanced Music Marketing on Twitter: How To Turn Your New Followers Into Fans. 


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