LaLa Deaton – WWG1WGA

The Story

"WWG1WGA" Available For Download

Where We Go One We Go All! New single from LaLa Deaton, "WWG1WGA" is out now.

Posted by LaLa Deaton Music on Thursday, July 16, 2020

YouTube UPDATE: With zero paid traffic being directed towards YouTube, the music video has accumulated 84,548 views continues to generate around 2,000 views per week 5 months after the completion of the campaign.

Spotify UPDATE: Without any targeted traffic directed to Spotify, the music video traffic has created 6,864 streams on Spotify. This track continues to generate streams.

With LaLa we have a killer pop song and a good video.


  • $1,053.13 spent in ad buys
  • 2,394,329 video plays
    • Cost = .000439 cents per video view
    • across 4 surfaces
      • Facebook Feeds
      • Facebook Stories
      • Instagram Feeds
      • Instagram Stories
  • 17,003 people have watched 95%-99% of the video
    • These are not just consumption numbers
    • These are 17,003 Facebook accounts owned by actual people
    • We can retarget these EXACT accounts with the next piece of content
    • LaLa is paying around .061 cents per 95%-99% view
  • 2,520 Post Reactions
  • 167 Post Saves
  • 577 Post Shares (free advertising/exposure)
  • 5,612 Link Clicks through to the artist’s website

…and we can retarget every one of these accounts.

A $5,000 ad buy would project out to:

  • 11,389,521 video plays
  • 81,967 95% video views

A $50,000 ad buy would project out to:

  • 113,895,216 video plays
  • 819,672 95% video views

Every dollar you spend on digital marketing comes with an ROI in the form of data.