Music Life Magazine interviews Jacob Cade with The BRKN about their current tour with The Dangerous Summer, Arm Akimbo, and Locket
No. 3 is the forthcoming debut EP from The BRKN, and was named in honour of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Jacob Cade’s grandfather.

With the release of a pair of infectiously melodic, lyrically dynamic and highly memorable songs – Your Existence and The Motions – Denver, Colorado’s The BRKN are setting the foundation for what could be a meteoric rise not only up the charts, but into the consciousness of music lovers throughout the USA and beyond.

Formed by former solo artist Jacob Cade, who had a modicum of success with a hard-rockin’ three piece that produced an album with industry heavyweight Michael Wagener, and who has written songs with the likes of Lzzy Hale [Halestorm], alongside guitarist Kick Stevens, drummer Mike Bokenkamp and touring bassist Tristan Verghese just last year, The BRKN will be releasing their debut EP entitled No. 3, early next year. At present, they are in the early stages of a 17-city jaunt alongside The Dangerous SummerArm Akimbo and Locket, which started Nov. 2 in their hometown and ends Nov. 24 in Baltimore.

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Music Life Magazine interviews Jacob Cade from The BRKN about their new tour with The Dangerous Summer, Arm Akimbo, and Locket Read more

Hard Rock Core Blog – Very Alora

Hard Rock Core Blog - Very Alora


There is a strong female voice on the rock horizon, and she goes by the name Very Alora. As evidenced by the release of her debut single, “Don’t Make Me,”( and a forthcoming EP – all produced by legendary producer Michael Wagner (who has previously worked with the likes of Metallica, Dokken, and King’s X, among many others) – Very Alora means business.  CLICK HERE to read more….


Exclusive: Check Out The New Single And Video From The BRKN – ‘The Motions’

FolknRock Magazine Exclusive The BRKN release new single and video "The Motions"
No. 3 is the forthcoming debut EP from The BRKN, and was named in honour of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Jacob Cade’s grandfather.

With the release of a pair of infectiously melodic, lyrically dynamic and highly memorable songs – Your Existence and The Motions – Denver, Colorado’s The BRKN are setting the foundation for what could be a meteoric rise not only up the charts, but into the consciousness of music lovers throughout the USA and beyond.

Formed by former solo artist Jacob Cade, who had a modicum of success with a hard-rockin’ three piece that produced an album with industry heavyweight Michael Wagener, and who has written songs with the likes of Lzzy Hale [Halestorm], alongside guitarist Kick Stevens, drummer Mike Bokenkamp and touring bassist Tristan Verghese just last year, The BRKN will be releasing their debut EP entitled No. 3, early next year. At present, they are in the early stages of a 17-city jaunt alongside The Dangerous SummerArm Akimbo and Locket, which started Nov. 2 in their hometown and ends Nov. 24 in Baltimore.









Vents Magazine Interviews Jacob Cade as he launches new band The BRKN and releases new single and video for "Your Existence"

One of the most energetic rockers to emerge in the last year is 18-year-old singer/guitarist Jacob Cade, who drew quite a bit of attention with his explosive live performances and the song “Icky Nikki.” And now, Cade is looking to take it to the next level as he launches his new band, The BRKN.

The band recently released their debut single and accompanying video for the song “Your Existence.” See the video here:

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Vents Magazine Interviews Jacob Cade and The BRKN they release debut single and video for "Your Existence"


BraveWords Magazine Interviews Jacob Cade about his new band The BRKN and announces Rock Fest performance

One of the most energetic rockers to emerge in recent times has been singer/lead guitarist Jacob Cade, who drew quite a bit of attention with his explosive live performances and the song “Icky Nikki”. And now, Cade is looking to take it to the next level by no longer going merely by his own name, but by launching a new band, The BRKN…CLICK HERE to read more…


BraveWords Magazine interviews Jacob Cade about his new band The BRKN and announces Rock Fest Performance

Cashbox Canada Interviews Jacob Cade: 20 and Rising

Cashbox Canada Magazine Interviews Jacob Cade about his new band The BRKN
Fri May 17, 2019

Submitted by Sandy Graham

At 20 years old, Jacob Cade has nowhere to go but up in this industry. Originally from El Paso, Texas and now residing in Parker, Colorado, Cade is a force to be reckoned with in an industry that is hungry for a talent like this artist.

It would be impossible to walk away from a Jacob Cade performance without being overwhelmed by the sheer energy he brings to the stage. Mixing old school rock and roll guitar shredding with dance moves straight out of modern pop, Jacob has tapped into a style that is unique and unexpected…CLICK HERE to read more

Cashbox Canada Interviews Jacob Cade about his new project The BRKN

Prelude Press Interviews Jacob Cade

Prelude Press interviews Jacob Cade. He talks about Michael Wagener, Rachel Bolan, Paul Taylor, Lzzy Hale, Halestorm, Skid Row, Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Metallica

Jacob Cade has been hooked on music from an early age. Inspired by artists such as Guns n’ Roses and Led Zeppelin and brought up by a musical family, it’s no surprise that writing and performing quickly became his passion. Now, the nineteen year old singer and rock & roller is well on his way to stardom. With his newest single, “What’s Your Problem?!” co-written with Rachel Bolan of Skid Row out now and plans to release even more music (including a new album) soon, 2018 promises to be one hell of a year for Cade….CLICK HERE to read more.


Jacob Cade Jump Shot with Les Paul Guitar

All That Shreds Magazine Interview: With Michael Wagener Producing, Jacob Cade Is Ready To Rock

All That Shreds Magazine interviews Jacob Cade

With Michael Wagener Producing, Jacob Cade Is Ready To Rock

By Andrew Catania

“The first time I met Jacob was when he and his mom came to my Nashville studio,” recalls German-born studio avatar, Michael Wagener, the man responsible for helping craft dozens of successful rock releases including multiplatinum efforts by Skid Row, Warrant, Metallica, and Dokken. “He played me some demos, licks on guitar and I thought instantly that he was a great young artist with tremendous potential…CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE


All That Shreds Magazine Interviews Jacob Cade

Are You Sure You Know What Success Means?

Success Feature MEME


It’s such a provocative topic we like to argue over the meaning of it. We seek it. We’re scared of it. Many of us sabotage it because we don’t feel we deserve it.

Success Thankful MEME

Crazy, huh?


You should be thankful for where you are right now or you’ll never be successful.


You can take that to the bank.


That’s also the secret!


Many of us certainly debate it in our heads. We think that success is one thing and we work hard trying to achieve that one thing only to find out we’ve completely missed the boat.



How did we achieve this one thing and still end up feeling or being unsuccessful?


Countless movie scripts are written about it but still, we don’t seem to get it.


Why won’t it sink in?


Success not a person, place, or thing MEME

I guess it’s because the idea of success is easier to sell as a destination.




And believe me, they’re selling it.


You’ve seen the guy giving a speech in front of a Lamborghini and he says, “If I can do it, you can do it too.”


We tour their houses on MTV Cribs.


We’re green with envy over what they wear on the red carpet during awards shows.


That’s compelling.


That’s good TV.


But are they successful?


These shows, inject into our brains the suggestion that success is a person, place, or thing. We get indoctrinated into their definition of success. They decide what it looks, feels, sounds, smells and tastes like.


Success Collage

But that’s a lie designed to sell products and TV ads.


What this concept decidedly DOESN’T do is help to make anyone successful.


Isn’t that interesting? I’m saying that the “success” they’re selling us not only isn’t success, it’s the exact opposite.



They’re telling us to focus on all the wrong things!


Mind. Blown.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about money. I believe in making money. I believe we live in abundance. Everyone can make plenty of money if-and-when they want to.


There is plenty to go around. I’ve mentioned this before, for one person to get rich doesn’t mean someone else goes without. This is a lie that helps to sell the first lie.


The concept of limited resources and happiness is pushed on us because it sells something different than ads and products, it sells votes.


So, what is success?


Success is what you do every single day. Success is consistency, humility, and gratitude. You have to get a little smarter every day.


It happens in 1% increments.


Focus on the base hits and one day you’ll look up to see an incredible number on the scoreboard.


Success is NOT one destination.  It’s not one thing.


Just ask Harvey Weinstein. I think that prior to last month, EVERYONE would equate Harvey Weinstein with success. Even his victims. It took them forever to come out because they perceived he was successful and could offer it to them. Or worse, keep it from them.


Success BullyingWeinstein was rich and powerful.

But as it turns out he is also miserable. Isn’t this the opposite of success?



PLOT TWIST. His “success” was a fallacy. Smoke and mirrors. A true Hollywood illusion.


Weinstein is unsuccessful because he failed to be consistent about his health. I promise you his sickness is a result of his self-image. Harvey thinks he’s disgusting. Maybe a girl told him he was ugly at a vulnerable moment when he was growing up and it deeply damaged him. I’m pretty sure he thought all females owed him a favor for something. He wanted payback.


In his mind, he was settling a score.


Bottom line is that Weinstein hates himself. He always has. If he regularly attacked the source of the pain, through personal growth and introspection, he could’ve found some positive solutions. He would’ve discovered that true pleasure was never found in breaking the spirits of those actresses. No different than a heroin addiction, I suppose.


He lacked humility. You can’t be grateful and wicked at the same time.  


But Weinstein confused the truth with fantasy so this character flaw turned him into an evil monster.


Now, all his money and power can’t save him. Thus, he’s clearly NOT successful, is he?


How about Kevin Spacey? Last month he was successful and now he’s banished forever. Netflix has completely dropped his hugely successful series. Ridley Scott pulled him from a movie that is still promised to be delivered in one month. They’re re-shooting his parts with a new actor. His power evaporated in a brilliant flash of light and his money will soon follow.


Kevin preyed on little boys. It was no big secret in Hollywood. It’s just sickening that it took the Weinstein controversy to prove to the oppressed that anyone can be taken down, no matter how powerful they may seem.


But I like it. I want to get some popcorn and watch this all unfold. It’s long overdue.


One minute he’s one of the most successful and talented actors we have and the next minute it’s all gone. If you’ll forgive the pun, Spacey’s success was a house of cards. Another deception to the public.


Success isn’t trickery. It’s real. But it’s not a thing or a place, rather it’s what you do every day.


Delusional broken souls happen in every field, by the way, not just Hollywood.


I have a dear friend who was married to an anesthesiologist for 17 years. She’s a high-ranking nurse working towards PH.D. in medicine who married the doctor. They have two gorgeous teenage girls and the big doctor house with the big doctor pool.


But he’s miserable and he’s a narcissist. He hasn’t done one ounce of work on himself and he got lost a long time ago.


From the outside, it looks amazing. But the reality is he’s a raging alcoholic, in debt (living paycheck-to-paycheck on $700k per year), and he’s addicted to opiates.



He’s a degenerate by all definitions. A degenerate with a nice paycheck and rich friends, but a degenerate nonetheless.


She’s held the family together for almost 2 decades, but at the expense of her own happiness. For almost 2 decades!


Then she had an epiphany. This isn’t success at all. 


They’re getting a divorce. The plot twist here is that according to the societal messages divorce is a failure. But by divorcing she’s on her way to becoming successful.  She’s realized that he wasn’t there for her physically or emotionally and she’s changing that.


Success Divorce MEME


I believe she is now moving towards consistency because she knows the truth. Success isn’t a destination. It’s not a picture in a magazine, a car, or a house.


Rather success it what happens every day of your life.



Success is a ritual. A way of living regardless of the money or the status.


Sheryl Crow said success is “not having what you want but wanting what you got.”


It’s connecting meaningfully with your significant other every day.


Success Not having What you Want


Taking the time to connect with your kids is real.


The little moments are what counts. The work you do to help others and yourself. That’s success.




It’s loving the daily process. The achievement is an inevitable byproduct of the consistent effort that is put in over time.


You make money by accident when you’re successful. Maybe not big money, but enough money.


Every life and I mean EVERY life has many emotional and financial peaks and valleys. That’s a given, as sure as death and taxes.


The truly successful create light and distribute it.


They lift people up, teach, and they add value.


Success thief

But there are people that get their energy from other people.


They’re wretched souls. Evil. Misguided. You could even say lazy.


Recognizing these kinds of people regardless of their “successes” is paramount to your own happiness and success.


Fight the good fight.


Do good work.


Spend time improving yourself. Be intentional about it. You can be Mother Teresa, but if you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be truly successful.


Help other people.


Deliberately connect with those close to you on a regular basis.


Success MJ QuoteThe success will fall into place in-spite-of the speed bumps, pitfalls, and life catastrophes. Don’t worry about the setbacks so much because they keep coming. Setbacks are a part of success.




The most successful people will tell you they’ve failed more than they’ve succeeded.


I promise.


I want you to win.







11 Crazy Reasons to Avoid Marketing Amazing Music

Marketing Feature MEME

Marketing Audience MEMEGood art finds its own audience. If it’s truly special, you just need to put it up on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc. and people will catch on. They’ll find it without marketing.


I’m sure this is what will happen with the project that you’re currently working on because it’s incredible. You’re bound to blow up just because the music is great!


Make a video for the first song. Put that brilliant conceptualization of your music up on YouTube and people will immediately respond making it go viral!


Look, I believe you’re an astonishing artist. Your music is so compelling that once a few people hear it they’ll have to share it. They’ll tell two friends then they’ll tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on. That’s how it works, right?


You don’t need to spend one ounce of energy thinking about marketing. You certainly don’t need a marketing budget when your music is as good as it is.


Marketing Maze MEME



If you believe in your talent, then your music will market itself; like drugs. Therefore, there is no need for marketing.




If they don’t get you for your art, so be it. It’ll be the same as a vegan who doesn’t understand the world’s best hamburger.


Here are 11 other artists I’m sure you’ve heard of. Their music literally changed our lives.


This will prove you never need to worry about marketing. So, there is no need to change what you’re currently doing. When you’re this good the music will find its own audience.


Let the music do the talkin’, right?


  1. Marketing BeatlesBeatles – You can’t argue with 600 million records sold! FYI, the bottom rung of “superstar status” begins around 20 million records. So, it’s safe to say they’re at the top of that food chain. The Beatles music was so amazing the word-of-mouth spread like wildfire. Yes, Brian Epstein (their manager) cleaned up their look, created the image and taught them to bow after every song (adorable!). Epstein sent girls out, in the beginning, to purchase Beatles records at record stores that reported sales so the Beatles would chart. The charting changed the perception of the radio Program Directors and the DJ’s. Because the singles seemed more legit, the PD’s started spinning them more. “Yesterday” has the third most performances ever on American radio and TV with over 7 million spins. Let’s not forget that 73 million people watched the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. But they didn’t need the exposure from radio or TV, they were the Beatles. They would’ve sold 600 million no matter what, right?
  2. Rolling Stones – One of the most recognizable brands on the planet. Incredible live show. It’s not surprising that the Stones manager, Marketing Rolling StonesAndrew Loog Oldham, was Brian Epstein’s former assistant. Oldham changed the image of his band making them the “anti-Beatles”. That meant their image was dangerous as opposed to boys you could take home to mom. He created a new “lane” in the market. Then Oldham implemented the same chart strategy that was effective in legitimizing the Beatles. The Rolling Stones were exposed to millions of people via radio and The Ed Sullivan Show alone. But we all know how good The Rolling Stones are. They didn’t need any of that promotion. The music would’ve found its own audience just like yours will.
  3. Def Leppard – Over 100 million records sold. Love them or hate them, you can’t argue the superstar status with Marketing Def Leppardthis act. Their sophomore release, High & Dry, got the ball rolling in America. “Bringing on the Heartbreak” became a high rotation video on the relatively new MTV. This spurred a massive increase in radio spins as well. All that love only sold 250,000 copies but set the stage for their third release. This groundbreaking Mutt Lange production spawned 4 radio singles. Polygram easily spent millions promoting this record with the videos and radio promo, but all this exposure really didn’t matter. Pyromania was awesome, consumers were going to tell everybody about it anyway. The art was so good, Phil Lynott, leader of Thin Lizzy, broke up his band. He told Joe Elliott, the lead singer of Def Leppard, he couldn’t compete with Pyromania. That’s how good it was, so they really didn’t need to be the darlings of MTV with 5 videos. They really didn’t need the exposure from the radio spins.
  4. Marketing GNRGuns & Roses – Everybody knows who GNR is. Their first release, Appetite for Destruction, has sold 30 million copies. It became the best-selling debut ever and the 11th best-selling record in the United States. Appetite had 5 singles and 5 MTV videos to support the singles. But the record was released July 21, 1987, and didn’t break for a full year later in August of 1988. How’s that? This record was so good nobody cared about it for the first year? I’m sure the phone call from label head David Geffen to MTV applying pressure to finally play the “Welcome to the Jungle” video didn’t matter. It would’ve broke no matter what, right? It was just a matter of time.
  5. Michael Jackson – Michael Jackson was an international superstar in the Jackson 5 with over 50 million records Marketing Michael Jacksonsold. Every record the Jackson 5 released went multi-platinum. Side-note: It’s interesting that when they left Motown for Epic Records, they had to change their name to The Jacksons as Motown owned the name Jackson 5. It’s even more interesting that these famous household names only managed to sell 500,000 copies each on the first 2 releases following the moniker alteration. You could argue that the market didn’t know The Jacksons were the Jackson 5. But they were famous and the music was great, so the consumers would figure it out. Michael was also signed to a solo deal. His first solo release for Epic was Off the Wall and it sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. Then, of course, Thriller was released which sold more than 110 million copies worldwide. To this day, Thriller remains the best-selling album of all time. They released 7 singles. I’m quite sure that the tens of millions of dollars they spent promoting the radio singles and the unforgettable videos wouldn’t have mattered. The music is so good it would have sold no matter what.
  6. Wham!/George Michael – Wham! was a huge act worldwide. Millions of records were sold in Europe but nobody knew who they were in Marketing George MichaelAmerica. Why was that? Clearly, they were amazing! You could argue they wasted millions on videos and a tour in Communist China to break into America because clearly, the art would break through eventually. It was that good, right? Then George went solo and his first record entitled Faith sold 20 million. He was famous so of course, it did, right? When his second solo release dropped his label CBS Records was purchased by Sony and George wasn’t happy with the situation. He rebelled and new Sony America President, Tommy Mattola, sat on the record in retaliation. By this time, George Michaels was a superstar with almost 50 million records sold. Listen Without Prejudice Volume 1 failed miserably in sales compared to Faith. Critics and fans hailed George’s 2nd solo effort as his artistic masterpiece. But it must’ve been the music, right? The music must have been of a lesser quality to the fans because they all knew about the record, right? How else would you explain the decline in sales when it’s all about the music? He didn’t need to market either. George was a superstar.
  7. Kiss – I’m not sure which brand is more universally recognizable on the planet, Kiss or Coca-Cola. The band released their first three records Marketing Kiss Collagefor Casablanca Records within one year and nothing took off. In fact, they almost sunk the label. Then the fourth release was Alive! and that did the trick. Kiss was on their way. The live record consisted of songs off the first three records. The audience sounds were the only “live” performances from Alive!. It was completely re-recorded in the studio because the musical performances were terrible. Here is a PRIME situation proving that marketing doesn’t matter when the songs are great. They had already released the music before and it failed. Then the fans liked the live version. No marketing necessary, the fans decided, right?
  8. Carrie Underwood – Carrie was a farm-girl from rural Oklahoma. But she could sing. If you study pictures of Marketing Carrie CollageCarrie prior to her American Idol appearances, she looked plain. Now she looks like a star. Why would she do that? It’s all about the art, right? It’s all about her voice. Why change the look? Oh, let’s also remember that she came into the public awareness singing covers in front of a TV audience of over 30 million people every week. But I’m sure THAT had nothing to do with her rise to fame because her voice and look were so powerful. What AI really did was make some famous music producers aware of her talent. Once they recorded her the art took over and Carrie was on her way. No promo necessary.
  9. Miranda Lambert – Miranda Lambert came into our awareness after getting tons of exposure placing third on the talent show Nashville Star. Marketing Miranda LambertLike Carrie, she was singing covers for 9 weeks to a huge TV audience. This exposure gained her an audience and the interest of Sony Records. They signed her and released her first single. Sony, of course, went to work getting the art and the artist in front of as many people as possible and it worked. The rest is history. Miranda, in my opinion, is one of the true artists on the planet. I’m sure she would’ve broken no matter what. No marketing necessary.
  10. Blake Shelton – Blake is one of the best-selling country artists. He has 24 #1’s with 17 of them being consecutive. Marketing Blake Shelton HonestYes, Shelton had great songs but they became staples on the radio. His star rose higher when he started making regular TV appearances as a judge on Nashville Star in 2007 as well as The Voice which he’s been on since its inception. But all the fame and radio spins don’t matter, Blake would still be famous without them. When you’re that good you don’t need to market. You don’t need exposure because your audience will do it for you.
  11. Every Record Label – Have you ever wondered why record labels have marketing & promotion departments? Especially if you believe that great art will find its own audience. In fact, most record deals will allow 10% of the overall budget to the recording and manufacturing of the product. The other 90% is saved for marketing and promotion. Why is that? Why would they spend so much money promoting when they have such good art?


The better question would be why aren’t you spending 90% of your money and 90% of your time promoting your music?

Crazy Marketing Definition

Remember, you’re promoting something that nobody needs. So, make them want it.


I obviously want you to compare here, but don’t forget the small steps. It’s not ok to say you want to become an astronaut but quit because you can’t immediately go into space. You must fly jets first. Before jets, multi-engine prop planes. Before prop planes, single engine planes. Oh, and you attend school to be allowed to operate any planes.


It’s a process.




My point is, “I don’t have any money to get on TV or the radio” is a lame excuse. You have social media and YouTube.


Artists break on social media and YouTube.


Marketing Artists Break MEME


Spending every penny you have on recording your music won’t work if you want other people to care about it. If you’re not spending 90% of your overall budget on marketing, you won’t see results.




What’s your plan?



Good art does NOT magically find its own audience. Rather, audiences react to good art when they’re exposed to it enough times.


Marketing Audiences react




Therefore, if you don’t have any plan for marketing your masterpiece, nobody will hear it.


HINT: Market YOU before you release the project in the new music business.






Artist first.


Music second.


Marketing Artist first MEME



These artists blew up because somebody spent some time putting their art in front of NEW EYEBALLS.





Yes, you can argue that the labels had millions to spend on radio promotion and you don’t.


I would argue that even if you did have the money, it wouldn’t help you today. Period.


The formula is the same though. Get the art in front of new people who would like that kind of art.


Marketing Targeted Eyeballs



Simple, right?


Radio and music videos used to be effective in executing the formula.


But now they’re not effective for debut artists. Especially if they don’t have big marketing budgets.





Look at the record sales.


How can you get your music in front of new, targeted eyeballs?


Social media is a start.


Oh yeah, that’s free.


YouTube is another method to potentially reach 1 billion people per day.


That’s free too.


What’s your excuse now?

Marketing Disappointed

You don’t know how to do it?




Want to be a plumber?




Do you aspire to be a teacher?




Don’t have time?


Then you don’t really want to be an artist. If you don’t have time to do the free stuff, believe me, you don’t have time to go on a radio tour either.


Good music must have marketing. It’s the way we find out about it.


If you don’t have a marketing plan, you’re wasting your time and your money.


Aren’t you sick of being disappointed?