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Signature Strength Kidd GypsyJohnny Dwinell started out as an artist.

After touring for around 7 years he left the music business (tried to get out would be a better term) moved to Los Angeles to begin a long business career.  This career started led him to Aerospace manufacturing, circuit board design, and then to the financial industry. It was in the financial industry where Johnny applied his natural marketing ability to create an educational radio show for mortgage consumers that aired on 5 different radio stations in 3 different markets.

ry as he might, all his discretionary income was spent on his true passion, a home studio and developing artists in Los Angeles.

Johnny states, “Once the mortgage bubble burst, I realized that while I loved growing a company and a team, I hated mortgage consumers. They would all spend way more time researching a flat screen TV purchase than they would educating themselves on their mortgage. This was frustrating because I found myself having to sell consumers what they wanted (which was usually financially toxic) as opposed to what they really needed to be secure.”

He goes on to say, “I just thought to myself, I missed the music business and it needed help. Artists are so passionate about their music that they would be much more satisfying to work with. I was extremely interested in how to revive relationships between artists and consumers to spur record sales


Here are a few of the more notable projects that Johnny Dwinell has produced or developed.



Collin Raye

Collin Raye Everlasting








Candygram For Mongo

Johnny Dwinell Candygram For Mongo




USA NETWORK Television Show “R U The Girl?” Audio Sweetening 

USA Network

 R U The Girl


Chris Mouch

Johnny Dwinell - Mouch EP cover


Check In The Dark

Johnny Dwinell Check In The Dark The Game


Neill Skyler (Artist/Singer/Songwriter/Actress)

Johnny Dwinell Neill Skylar





Jason Ashley

Jason Ashley Undeniable







Tanya Marie Harris

TanJohnny Dwinell Tanya-Marie-Harris-ARTWORK 2ya-Marie-Harris-ARTWORK 2







Bailey James