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The C.L.I.M.B.

Welcome to the CLIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMBBB!! This is a show dedicated to helping singers, songwriters, and indie artists gain leverage in the music business. Leverage is what you’re going to need to succeed in today’s music industry.

The days of big labels or big publishing companies developing the diamond in the rough into a household name are over. You’re going to have to have proof that your art has value in the marketplace to get a seat at the table with the pros. That’s why we called it the C.L.I.M.B. (Creating Leverage In the Music Business).

The odd episodes are all about the art, craft, and business of songwriting. Co-host, Brent Baxter, is a hit songwriter (Alan Jackson, Lady A, Randy Travis, Joe Nichols) who helps songwriters, like you, write like a pro, do business like a pro, and on the regular, he connects CLIMBers to the pros where real relationships can be created.

If you’re an artist looking to increase your streams, blow up your video views, gain more followers, sell more live show tickets, and get discovered by new fans, TV, and record industry execs, then the even episodes are going to be your jam. Co-host Johnny Dwinell owns Daredevil Production, they’re breaking artists digitally by finding new fans through data. Daredevil has worked with artists like Collin Raye, Tracy Lawrence, and Ty Herndon and sold-out shows for artists like T.G. Sheppard and Ronnie McDowell utilizing their digital marketing expertise.

In March of 2016, Johnny Dwinell and hit songwriter, Brent Baxter, launched The C.L.I.M.B. Show Music Business Podcast (Creating Leverage In the Music Business).

These quick, information-packed podcast episodes teach you the art, craft, and business of songwriting as well as cool tips and tricks to grow your audience, create a culture, and navigate the new music business as an artist.

The podcast grew quickly and developed a loyal, consistent audience.

In June of 2020, The C.L.I.M.B. Show Music Business Podcast became one of the flagship shows that launched American Songwriter Magazine’s Podcast Network, ASPN. Dedicated to the Craft of Music and supporting the songwriter community for the past 35 years, American Songwriter is an international website, magazine, and podcast network.

The best Podcast ever!

This is a must listen for any indie artist as Johnny and Brent constantly have their finger on the pulse of the new music business.

Great podcast for musicians

Amazing podcast. Johnny and Brent really know what’s going on inside the music industry. It’s not just about having great music, but also having a GREAT plan when it comes to marketing, writing, etc. A must listen podcast for any musician who wants to make a living from their music.

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