The C.L.I.M.B.

In March of 2016, Johnny Dwinell launched a new music biz podcast with hit songwriter Brent Baxter called The C.L.I.M.B. (Creating Leverage In the Music Business).

Johnny is the founder of Daredevil Production, LLC, a label services company from Nashville, TN. Daredevil is reimagining music promotion using digital marketing strategies instead of the archaic, expensive record label marketing methods. Think about it, exactly what does Amazon know about you? What does Warner Bros, Sony Records, or Universal know about you (as a consumer)? Daredevil Production is getting the art and the artist in front of new eyeballs with tangible, scalable ROI for their clients.

Brent has numerous hits by Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, Lady Antebellum, and Joe Nichols as well as founding which is a prolific learning source for up and coming songwriters.

These quick, information-packed podcast episodes teach you the art, craft, and business of songwriting as well as cool tips and tricks to grow your audience and create a culture as an artist.

The podcast grew quickly and has since partnered with Discmakers one of the world’s largest CD & DVD manufacturers and the owner of brands like CD Baby,, Book Baby, and more.

The best Podcast ever!

This is a must listen for any indie artist as Johnny and Brent constantly have their finger on the pulse of the new music business.

Great podcast for musicians

Amazing podcast. Johnny and Brent really know what’s going on inside the music industry. It’s not just about having great music, but also having a GREAT plan when it comes to marketing, writing, etc. A must listen podcast for any musician who wants to make a living from their music.

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