Mark O'Toole and Johnny  RIP Mark'O!

Johnny D, Mark O'Toole, Kelly




Kelly, Collin Raye, and Johnny



Collin Raye Pointing in the booth


Collin Raye in the vocal Booth



Collin Raye, Maddie, and Scooter McGhee

Collin Raye and Buddy Hyatt


Collin Raye thumbs up

Kelly and I had the honor of producing a new Collin Raye record recently. Oh boy, talk about a gift from God!! This man could sing the phone book and make you cry. Such a great talent and SUPERCOOL guy to hang with! Thanks Collin!

April 14 – April 21 Tracking sessions with Tanya Marie Harris

The usual suspects include Buddy Hyatt, Bobby Terry, James Mitchell, Jim Hyatt, and Andy Hull. We cut 2 artist tracks with Tanya for upcoming custom record. “A Woman Scorned” was penned by Brent Baxter, Hillary Scott, Casey Koesel, and Jon Armstrong. The second song “Secondhand Dreams” was literally written by Tanya Marie Harris and David Norris on Monday, April 15th, and cut on Tuesday, April 16th. AMAZING!!


New Year’s Eve 2012 (Wisconsin)

Hanging with one of my best friends the incredible Jamo VanDeBogert (Kidd Gypsy, Idols of American Youth, Allman Bros Band, Tim McGraw) Great to see you again Jamo!!









Christmas Time 2012

LEFT: Kelly and Johnny at an industry party with our good friends Mark O’Toole and his friend Lea.

RIGHT: Kelly and Johnny hanging with some of the folks from the Tim McGraw band and crew.



11/16/12 – Johnny’s Sister’s Birthday:

From left to right: Kelly, Jenet Baribeau, Charlie Baribeau, Johnny, Chris Mouch






4/23/2012 Recording Session Ragtop Recording

This was taken from one of the last Anthony Orio Sessions for “Between Home and the Bright Lights”. One of our FAVORITE guitar players, the GREAT Mr. Audley Freed (Cry of Love, Black Crowes, Joe Perry,) came in to drop some tracks for Anthony. What a treat watching Audley work!! Paul Stanley said it best, “You’re Audley Freed, you’re a REAL Rock & Roll guitar player!!”

I couldn’t agree more, Mr. Stanley!!


The Moore Brother’s Band

Every so often, as producers, we are blessed to be truly “blown away” by young talent. In this case, the Moore Brothers Band made that happen. At the time of these sessions in the Spring of 2012, Isaac, the lead picker (to the LEFT), was 8 years old. Jake, (Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin) (to the RIGHT) was 13. HOLY COW!!! These kids are the hardest working MUSICIANS in show business, you must check out the Moore Brothers Band!










New artist we are producing, Craig Gerges with my dear friend Mick Weick (Tim McGraw crew), and Johnny




So much fun to be in Nashville when we have multiple artists in town. One big happy family! One crazy creative party too!!


These are pictures of Jake Bishop our child guitar prodigy. Jake came to town when he was 17. He was touring professionally with Anthony Orio by the time he was 19. He has been writing on the road a bunch, we can’t wait to hear what has come up with for his own project!




These were some of the sessions from Matt Cline’s amazing political comedy record, “Welcome To My Party” Absolutely Hysterical! We hadn’t planned on it but Griggs and Cline kept Kelly and I in stitches the whole time!!


LEFT: Amazing artist/singer/songwriter Matt Dame, with one of our very favorite writer/artists, Matt Cline in our B room cutting vocals for Cline’s “Welcome To My Party”

RIGHT: Matt Cline trying on his costume for the album cover. Handsome!! In a puritanical kind of way.




Matt’s CD artwork for “Welcome To My Party”

all the way to the right is Jason Howard, Kelly, and Matt Cline working on Matt’s CD.



Neill Skylar = WOW what a talent!!

Neill Skylar is an amazing singer, songwriter, actress (Bravo’s “Most Eligible Dallas”, “Redline”, “Tropic Thunder”) with a very unique voice, some say Iconic. Watch out for Neill, you don’t know it yet, but you just want to listen to her voice!





Here are some random pics of us working and playing with Neill. She’s such a great hang!!!




LEFT: The whole band that recorded Neill’s first set of songs. (Before we moved into Ragtop Recording)


Right: Neill taking pictures





Johnny and Neill Skylar….out and about like Indian scouts.






Johnny and Neill Skylar having fun



Another one of our fave Singer/Songwriter/Supermodel/Actress/Diva Ms. Lala Deaton, Johnny, and Neill Skylar! Wait to you hear what Lala, Neill, and Dave Norris wrote….all I can say is……it’s HOT!!!


Kelly, Johnny, and Neill Skylar at Tootsie’s!!






Great times recording up and comer JC Bridwell (Pictured on the right with Kelly, Johnny, singer/songwriter Len Snow)



BELOW: JC Bridwell’s “Uncle Rowdy Background Singers” This was a crazy session!!





JC Bridwell’s CD artwork! Such a great hang with JC. Can’t wait to start his next project!








LEFT: Johnny’s old band from the hair-farmer days, Kidd Gypsy



RIGHT: Former Idol’s bass player and roadcrew, Mikey Liska, and Vern “Sludge” Dramdahl


LEFT: Jay Gorman you left your shoes!!


CENTER: Matt Cline, Dave Norris (hit songwriter), Steve O’Brien (hit songwriter/author), Johnny


LEFT: Kelly, Johnny, and Chris Mouch (Singer/Songwriter) Say “Mowk”. Chris has a BIG voice, just wait till you hear his project
















Johnny with some different band and live shots over several projects

Kids loved the mohawk, btw! LOL




Johnny live at HOB Los Angeles


Johnny performing live with Chris Mouch at The Mint in Los Angeles, CA