6 Ways to Create Cashflow On YouTube

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By Johnny Dwinell

Josh Rice is a monster on YouTube.  He is having a hell of a time doing what he wants and loves to do; making music and writing songs.  He started posting songs on YouTube in 2009 and has grown that initial artistic spiritual risk into a regular business with at least 5 or 6 cash registers that when combined, make him a decent living.

Wanna give a shout out to Jason Jerzewski for turning me on to this.  THANK YOU!  LOVE IT!

I just watched this video of Louis Howes interviewing Josh about how he is making a living as a writer and a musician on YouTube; HE BREAKS IT ALL DOWN MAN.  He starts from the beginning and lets us all in on what he had to do to INVENT this future of his.  I LOVE this kid!!!  FYI, Josh doesn’t know squat about the internet, HTML, coding, etc., he’s just a singer and a writer.

This means you can do it too.

Here’s the video link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxfRqNvI-sw&feature=youtu.be

I dig that he’s not waiting around to be discovered.

I dig that he’s not letting the disintegrating music industry become a speed-bump on his journey to artistic success.

I dig that he’s INVENTING his own future as an artist!

This is what YOU need to do.

Too many of you are not grabbing the bull by the horns here.  You are basing your future on the dying business model of the old record industry.  You don’t need a label, you don’t need to be discovered, you don’t need to wait “for your big break”; you just need to write and/or sing!  JUST DO IT.  Create your own artistic business.  Build it and they will come!  Josh Rice is proof that this is really possible!  I love how Josh was raised in Washington State, and moved to New York City, then Los Angeles, before ultimately landing in Nashville to pursue his musical dreams; he wasn’t afraid.  In the new music business, artist’s careers will be built from the bottom up, not the top down.  It’s a harder road, but the reward is the journey.

Look, I KNOW how artists think, so if your success as an artist or writer is dependent on ANYTHING that you feel is outside of your control, you are consciously or subconsciously using that as an excuse to wait; to protect yourself from the unknown.  Think about it.  Yeah, now you are admitting to yourself that you really need not wait for anything or anybody.

This video INSPIRED me, man!  I LOVE IT when somebody pulls the curtain back on all this new Wizard of Oz shit and shows us how they succeeded.

This video interview is 43:45 long and if you want to be a player at all you should watch the whole thing.  Partly because the information is so vital to your artistic success, but MOSTLY because this Josh Rice is so much like you and me!!  This kid is just using a little fearlessness, hustle, and common sense to make a living with his music.  If he can YOU CAN TOO!

Again, you should watch the whole thing because it’s worth it, but I broke down some of the key points for y’all if your pressed for time.

4:50 he gets into collaboration with other huge YouTube stars and how that helped him grow a following.  Remember when I said you need to surround yourself with people that are smarter and farther along than you?  Boom!  This is a perfect example of how that helps you flourish.

7:30 Josh discusses how many times he was rejected by some of these YouTube stars and how that was good karma.  He CONTINUED to create relationships.

9:20 he discusses how he had to learn everything.  He goes into how his first videos weren’t even synced with the audio so they sucked but he didn’t care, he just kept on getting BETTER.  He learned the audio program by himself and actually took an online course to hone his video editing/production skill-set.

11:05 he reveals numbers.  He talks about his subscriber numbers and how many views he has had.

11:38 he discusses how his goals changed once he got into working his plan.  I huge reason was that he kept writing songs and they were being hacked.  So he changed his plan to adapt to problems that were occurring.

16:00 REVENUE STREAMS – Josh discusses the different revenue streams he has created and how none them look very pretty by themselves, but put together he is able to make a good living.  Those revenue streams include:

  • iTunes sales of his own music
  • iTunes sales of covers that he has licensed.
  • Ad revenue from the hits on YouTube
  • Streaming revenue
  • Merchandise Revenue
  • Mechanical Royalties from the cover songs

22:44 Josh Discusses how he was able to obtain more traffic to his videos.

24:00 He discusses how he did it RIGHT.  The YouTube, Twitter, and Google algorithms are constantly evolving so the old tricks of putting porn keywords into the metadata no longer works.  The key is to put out REALLY GOOD material!  That will go viral.

25:25 Keywords process / promotion strategies

28:00 Website to drive traffic.

29:10 Psychology behind driving clicks

30:00 How often he is posting videos

31:10 Approaches to building a brand and working on YouTube.

36:30 Strategies behind likes, comments, favorites, and subscribing.

39:20 Related videos, gaming the system, all this doesn’t matter anymore with search rankings.

40:30 How YouTube is ranking now.

Hope this provides some inspiration for Y’all!



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