You’re Amazingly Talented, Why Not Market You RIGHT NOW?

Marketing Right Now MEME Feature

Right now, right now, RIGHT NOW is the time you should be marketing. Not after your record is done, not after you find “your sound”, not after the single has been completed and/or decided.Marketing Right Now Start Marketing MEME


Music comes later.

Marketing comes now.


Besides, it’s a meaningful, educational, and pleasant distraction from any artistic focus you may have going on at the moment.


Marketing Right Now Are You Talented





Honest question: are you really talented?


Honest question: WHAT exactly is your real talent?




Is it your vocal ability?Marketing Right Now What EXACTLY is your Real Talent

Is it a unique and cool vocal style?

Is it your guitar playing?

Is it the harmonies the group uses?

Is it your songwriting?

Is it your live show?

Is it your sincerity?

Is it vulnerability?

Is it salesmanship/stagecraft?


What about YOU, captivates people?




Here’s the cold, hard, plain, truth so take a deep breath.


Any excuse you are using to convince yourself why you should wait to market YOU is seriously detrimental and will probably prove to be fatal to your career.

Marketing Right Now Fatal


Entertainment is about captivating people.


Entertainment is about creating an artistic outflow that allows people to escape from their daily lives and feel something powerful when in proximity of said artistic work.




AngerMarketing Right Now Connection Collage






They want to relate.


They want to fantasize.


They want to be entertained and forget about whatever they got going on.


We are running out of icons, people. They are disappearing at an alarming rate due to old age and attrition. The top grossing tours of 2014 tell a shocking tale. Out of the top 25 grossing tours, 14 of the artists (56%) were over the age of 40, 12 of the artists (48%) were over the age of 50, and an astounding 9 (36%) or more than 1/3 were north of 60 years old!!!

Marketing Right Now 2014 Tours


The reason this is happening is because artists like you are procrastinating their freaking marketing.


So we don’t know about you.


Therefore, from the perspective of the world, you don’t exist.



Maybe that’s secretly the way you want it to be?


Maybe you talk a big game and maybe you have a lot of talent, but as my father says, “When it gets down to nut-cutting time, you aren’t worth a damn.”


The artist life isn’t for everybody.


Its ok, I’ve dealt with that many times as I was coming up as an artist. Each milestone of success was fraught with a departing band member that came to the realization the project was getting too serious for their lives.Marketing Right Now Leaky Dam License Ell Christman


The Universe is always as it should be. My mother says, “Water seeks its own level”. Think about that one for a second. Pretty astute observation wouldn’t you say?


Here’s the deal, your job is not to be perfect, that will never happen. Your job is to ENTERTAIN these people.


Why aren’t you getting to it?


You’re self-sabotaging.


Why are you self-sabotaging? Have you found your own level? Are you really serious about becoming an artist or is this a hobby for you?

Marketing Right Now Embarrasment of Tools



There’s no right or wrong answer here, the truth is what’s paramount to your expectations and subsequent happiness.


You have an EMBARRASSMENT of tools before you that allow an artist to access the whole world find their audience, connect, create, and deepen a relationship. The relationship is more important than the music initially.


I promise.


Why aren’t you doing it now?




Don’t think so highly of yourself as to presume that your music, your song, your message is so powerful and unique that they will listen when it’s time to release your project. Don’t be so naïve to think that you will release your first song and it will “catch fire” and “become viral” through fans sharing it and demanding other fans take notice.Marketing Right Now Music Fire Image

I’ve got news for you, all your favorite iconic superstars along with your favorite underground genius “underrated” artists “caught fire”, that is to say they came into your awareness, via really, good, marketing.




Marketing Right Now Monkey See Monkey Do


The world won’t care unless they know you, or at least know about you


You can and should get started on the “get to know you” part immediately.

Marketing Right Now Getting To Know You

If they like you, they will give your music a listen.




Today’s artist will showcase their ability to captivate, fascinate, and entertain an audience on social media and use it as a tool to create throngs of dedicated followers. In turn, a percentage of these dedicated followers will purchase when it’s time to do business (after the project has been developed and recorded.).



The more growth in engaged followers, the bigger the percentage of purchasers. The more purchasers, the easier it is for you to make a living.

Marketing Right Now Commerce


Not for nothing, obtaining cash for development is a lot easier when an artist can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there is an audience eagerly awaiting your release.


An artist with an idea and 40k Instagram followers is going to convince an investor a lot quicker and easier than an artist with an idea and 300 followers. Doesn’t that make sense?



An artist with 40k Instagram followers and regular, predicable cash flow, even if it’s not positive cash flow, will have investors coming out of the woodwork.Marketing Right Now Bailey James Gang Instagram 2


If you’re not seriously thinking about this, then you don’t really believe in yourself.




You didn’t know how to play the guitar, piano, drums, bass, etc when you were born, but you learned because it was mission critical to your artistic pursuits.

Marketing Right Now Gtr Pno Drms Bass collage


It was foreign and it was difficult, but you did it.


It really was difficult by the way. If it was easy, EVERYONE would be a rock star.


Can you guess what else is foreign, difficult, and mission critical to your pursuits?





Stop fooling yourself about “reaching the next level” and then someone else will do the job for you.

That’s a complete cop out.


I’m serious.


You won’t reach the next level without marketing and by the time you do, trust me, you’ll be so anal about how exactly you’re marketed you won’t want someone else to do it. If they do, it will be according to your directives.Marketing Right Now We Need YOU


We need YOU!! We need new artists! You’re blowing it right now only because you’re afraid!


You say you can’t afford to hire someone or you can’t afford to pay for some education on music marketing.




How can you afford that new guitar? How can you afford that little vacation with your significant other? How can you afford that car payment?


There are 2 kinds of investments in this world. Good investments and bad investments.


Marketing Right Now Market You Cartoon MemeWhat’s the difference between a good-ern and a bad-ern?


First off, don’t be upset, unless your parents taught you this you wouldn’t get it from anywhere else and most of your parents don’t know either. We don’t learn about the real value of money in school, man.




Take the money you’re spending on EVERYTHING and put each expense through this simple Future Value Mechanism to decide if it’s really worth it.


Multiply the number by 15 to get the future value of the money.

Marketing Right Now Stop Ignorance



Hint: People who are uneducated about money only think about what they are paying out instead of thinking about what the real value of the purchase is. Bad investments are sometimes necessary (like a car in some areas) but you’ll think about the transaction more carefully once your awareness of value has been increased. Good investments, like certain kinds of education are invaluable because the knowledge can never be taken away from you, it won’t rust, rot, or depreciate.


Things that rust, rot, and depreciate are bad investments.

Marketing Right Now Honda Accord MEME


Let’s take a car purchase for instance. If you purchase a $35,000 car, that will be relatively useless in just a few quick years, you’re making a bad investment. That money is worth $525,000 to you in the future.



Buying a nice car unless you have $500,000 of discretionary income sitting around is a seriously poor choice. Who cares what you look like? You’re on a mission.Marketing Right Now Rusted


What’s more important looking good now or making a living at what you love tomorrow?



An educational purchase is a different story when you factor in the revenue a targeted training course will give you throughout your whole life. What about a course that will change your life forever? How much is that worth?


Marketing Right Now Education MEME


How big of a check would you write to change your life forever in a positive manner?


That education, if applied, will change the way you make your money.


It will change the time it takes to make that money (making you more efficient).


It will change your daily happiness level because you’re working at something you love as opposed to suffering on a daily basis through something you hate to get to the weekend.Marketing Right Now Picasso Dichotomy


How many of you, right now, can’t afford to change your lives forever because you’ve got to make that car payment?


That’s just one example.


You’re smarter than that.


Start behaving as such.


Marketing Right Now Blue Collar


IF you act like a blue collar union worker (not that there is anything wrong with that) then the world will view you as such and treat you as such; manage your expectations. I think it was Steve Jobs who told a sitting U.S. President that one of the problems with education was that the teachers (by far one of the MOST important jobs on the planet to the advancement of our society and species) organized, behaved, and interacted like auto workers.


So they’re viewed and treated like expendable, out-sourceable, auto workers by our Government and to a large degree by society, instead of the invaluable rock stars that they truly are.





Start thinking, living, acting, behaving, and spending your money like a millionaire and your world will change.Marketing Right Now Steve Jobs Time Quote



Stop HATING and start LEARNING.



If you don’t know how to market YOU and your music, pay someone to do it. Get rid of the car and a few guitars and double down on your future. Trust me you’ll learn FAST.


Marketing Right Now Double Down MEME

If you can’t afford to pay someone to do it, pay to learn how to do it. Again, DOUBLE DOWN ON YOU!


Buy books, webinars, retreats, marketing courses, etc. This knowledge will not seep in through osmosis.


You’re going to have to go get it, you know that, right?


You believe in yourself don’t you?Marketing Right Now New Skills Crane


You’re worth it aren’t you?


Every time you spend money you’re creating wealth.


Are you creating it for you or someone else?

Marketing Right Now You're Worth It




Stop being such a sucker and take control of your destiny.





Watch your world change.






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