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What if the Label Says YES?

So Kelly and I are at a private party with Anthony Orio & friends and we end up in a conversation over beers and cigars about artist development and the damage that happens when artists and/or songwriters get their lucky break too early.  What if you get the opportunity of a lifetime to take a […]

6 Songwriter Business Strategies

By Johnny Dwinell “When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box.” – Italian Proverb This can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To me, in a way, it means that life is just a game and we are all relatively equal players […]

5 Things You Need To Know To Cut A Killer Track

Artists today need their tracks to compete with what they are hearing on the radio; there is just no excuse for a crappy sounding track. In fact, if you’re track sounds like shit, then it’s our first red flag as to just how lazy, un-resourceful, clueless, and out of touch you are with the music […]

6 Ways to Create Cashflow On YouTube

By Johnny Dwinell Josh Rice is a monster on YouTube. He is having a hell of a time doing what he wants and loves to do; making music and writing songs. He started posting songs on YouTube in 2009 and has grown that initial artistic spiritual risk into a regular business with at least 5 […]

DIY Artist Development

By Johnny Dwinell D.I.Y. I am really beginning to disdain the term D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself). It should be rephrased to say what it really means which is do it without a record label because nobody does it themselves; which makes that term extremely misleading. Thats worth repeating, NOBODY makes a living in the music […]

You Don’t Need Radio To Make A Living

By Johnny Dwinell Terrestrial Radio is a hustle; it always has been and you don’t need radio to make a living. If you think that radio and the people who work for radio are in the music business you are sadly mistaken; they are in the ad business, just like the Newscasters. They PAY to […]

Where Are The Taste Makers?

By Johnny Dwinell Where are the taste makers? Does anybody take the time to go down the Rabbit Hole on ReverbNation? Does anybody click on If you like this, then youll like this” on Pandora? I did once. The song sucked. I never did it again. There’s no filter, man, I don’t have time to […]


By Johnny Dwinell Pandora Blows. Ohand they certainly dont give a shit about you. Not for one second. Pink Floyd Blasts Pandora Pink Floyd wrote an op-ed piece in USA Today blasting Pandora and their douche-bag CEO Tim Westergren for essentially tricking musicians into signing a petition disguised as a letter of support for internet […]

Are You Paying Attention To The Losers?

By Johnny Dwinell Do you? Are you paying attention to the losers to learn from them or just the winners? I sincerely hope you are all really researching the marketing methods I gave you the broad strokes on in previous blog posts. This is MISSION CRITICAL that you get this. Why? This is how you […]


By Johnny Dwinell So we just got done with CMA week here in Nashville this past week. Crazy!!! Tons of fans and tons of artists and Tons of INDIE artists!!! I can’t believe that the indie artists are not educating themselves on this important business aspect of selling music.   Step two is LEAD CAPTURE […]