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These 2 Music Business Inventions Will Blow Your Mind

The music business will settle out of this massive market disruption in the same way that EVERY other industry has. The creators will do business directly with the end-users. The future of the music industry, whether you like it or not, is 1-to-1.   Buh-bye distribution.   Right now, all artists & labels go through […]

Key Takeaways from The CD Baby DIY Musician Conference

The 2017 CD Baby DIY Musician Conference was held in Nashville, TN this year on August 24-27. I was honored to be asked to be a mentor.       As I am a regular listener of the CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast, I loved the post-mortem of this year’s conference. I thought I’d share these […]

‘Cash Me Outside Girl’ Record Deal (You’re Not Going to Believe This)

Atlantic Records just signed Danielle Bregoli, a.k.a. Bhad Bhabie, a.k.a. The “cash me outside” girl.   She got a deal but you haven’t yet.   That sucks, doesn’t it?   It certainly isn’t fair!   I mean after all you’ve worked (or feel you’ve worked) so hard on your craft but this seemingly talentless hack […]

What Happens When You Decide to Choose

“All paths are present, always… and we can but choose among them.” – Jacqueline Carey. To rephrase this, it means you can go in any direction you want to go, you just have to choose. But you must choose a path.   unsuccessful people don’t choose. Instead, they meander through life.   If you want […]

 5 Big Networking Hacks That Will Transform Your Game

It was the summer of 1997. I had just moved to Los Angeles from Nashville to pursue a sales gig in the electronics industry.   A guy named David Jacks had started this company I would be working with called Zephyrtronics. David was like Matt Damon’s character in the movie Good Will Hunting but with […]

 Why You Suck At Networking

I hear artists say this every day. “I suck at networking”.   It’s true.   You do suck at networking.   But it’s because of these 2 reasons so it’s totally fixable.   You think you suck at networking Therefore, you don’t network.   It’s a muscle that you must develop. You’re afraid to develop […]

Are You Confusing Activity With Achievement?

I see people confusing activity with achievement all the time. I’ve seen it my whole life in all the industries I’ve been a part of, but it’s rampant with the millennials and musicians.         They confuse activity or “trying” with achievement. Your artist career won’t blossom without achievement. No matter how much […]

Are You Sure You Really Want That Record Deal?

Getting a record deal can be a blessing or a curse   This statement has been true since the first record label was created. I would hope that by this time, most of you would be aware that during the glory days of the record business, 90% of the signed artists lost money.   90% […]

Are You Working Really Hard But Feeling Completely Frustrated?

For one to be rich, someone else must be poor.     Money is the root of all evil.     Wealth is like a pie. Because the top 1% have 90% of the pie the rest of us must survive on the crumbs.         These implicit beliefs have us thinking that […]

Growing Your Audience Is Not About The Music Anymore

I’m about to piss you off.   But keep reading because it’s important.   Growing your audience is NOT about the music anymore.   It used to be that way because the process dictated it.   The quality of your music today has nothing do with getting fans/customers when you’re marketing online.   Hostile?   […]