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How To STOP Losing To A Kindergartener

What the hell does 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape, one yard of string, a marshmallow and a Kindergartener have to do with your artist career?   Answer: Everything.   These were the raw materials presented to several different 4-person groups with a specific challenge.   The Challenge: Each group has 18 minutes […]

Think About Growth And Your Audience Will Empower You

Many of you have now become aware of different indie artist self-help gurus and they have one common message; collect contact data.       Not for nothing, major label artists, famous people, actors, radio stations, ministers (big and small God’s children all God’s children), film studios, and TV networks could all change their worlds […]

3 Marketing Tweaks That Will Expand Your Audience Immediately

Most great indie artists have incredible art but experience challenges connecting to new fans because their marketing approach needs tweaking.   There is a healthy contingent of artists who are legitimately trying to market but are naively going about it the wrong way.   A keen understanding of marketing is exactly what will put the […]

Why Do You Love Your Suffering So Much?

Because your suffering is incredibly safe.       You like to be safe.   We’re all hard-wired that way, you know.       I’ll explain.     Thousands of years ago the species that took unnecessary risks were obliterated. The crazy species didn’t survive but the species who could find the safest way […]

Why You Need to Control Your Beautiful Destiny

Would you prefer to control your destiny or let someone you don’t know control it for you?     I’m going to tell you a story about an amazing artist with all the right elements, the right team, and a killer debut record but they never really made it in America because of poor marketing. […]

You Suffer, Your Career is Stagnant, This Is The Cure

I have the cure for the anxiety and pain you’re feeling right now in your career.   It’s a prediction of sorts. More like a clear vision of what tomorrow will look like for artists who wish to get a record deal and I’ll bring facts to support my argument.     That means this […]

STOP Trying to Be Your Secret Identity This Year!

In my humble opinion, ALL artists do this in the beginning.   But, most of you never get over it and your artist spirit dies on the vine.   OR you don’t master the productive pieces of what I’m about to describe and you stay stuck.     We all create a secret identity for […]

Sorry, Your Awesome Songs Have No Value

Your songs have no value. It’s true.   Not yet anyway.   Do I have your attention?     I think that most artists make the same mistake in believing that their music has value simply because they value it.   The reality is there is exactly ZERO perceived value in the marketplace for art […]

What Kind of Responsible Are You?

  I heard this on a podcast and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  What I’m about to describe applies to all people in all jobs, not just indie artists, singers, and songwriters.       This fact goes hand in hand with self-awareness which I’ve written about before.     There’s a […]

Limited Success Will Explode with Intelligent Design

  Have you ever heard of Bert Hinkler?   Probably not.   He did something amazing. He even did that amazing thing faster and more efficiently than the first person who did it.   Bert was better, hands down, but he was second.   Therefore, you remember Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis, […]