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You’re┬áNot Going To Get A Record Deal Until After You Make Your Own Record And Sell Enough To Get Them Excited.

The old business model where a major record label “discovers” raw talent and finances the development of this artist ultimately guiding them to stardom is dead. In today’s marketplace, the artist is now solely responsible for their own development; i.e. songs, radio-ready product, image, marketing, live show, packaging, promotion, touring, merchandising, web presence, social media, and initial market development.

Here’s how we can help.


Step 1: Create An Identifiable Voice In Your Lane Of Choice

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Like the iconic major record labels and music men of the past, developing an artist is about understanding the “lane” an artist wants to dominate and ultimately making that artist identifiable within that lane. Then we continue on to “casting” the necessary professionals in all these previously mentioned areas to fashion a unique creative effort with the artist’s voice and vision. Simply put we need an amazing product.


If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it…did it happen?


Step 2: Market Development

If you had a major label record deal, you would have a budget. It may shock you but only 10% of that budget would be spent on making the record, 90% would be spent on marketing & promotion.

Most indie artists flip flop this successful recipe spending most of their budget if not all of it on the recording.

Of course, that leaves zero money for marketing.

Which means nobody hears it.

Which leaves the artist feeling frustrated and doubtful about their art because “nobody cares”. Why would they if they haven’t heard it?

These days you need to find your audience at the same time your finding your sound.

At Daredevil Production, LLC we have helped to market many multi-platinum artists like Collin Raye, Ty Herndon, Jamie O’Neal, Tracy Lawrence, and Andy Griggs (to name a few).

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Targeting and execution are mission critical to marketing in the new music business.

We have all the contacts to ensure the best possible chance at dramatically starting or improving your music career. Think about it, how much would you love to make the living you make now, solely as an artist???