Music Video Promo: Case Study

The Story

Here is a great example of how Daredevil Production created momentum for a compelling artist with a competitive video that continues to this day, beyond the completion of the paid traffic campaign.

This promo campaign ran for about 3 weeks and was solely targeted “on-platform” (only Facebook and Instagram video surfaces) in order to reach the most people for the ad spend because the promo budget was low ($1,000).

The on-platform results for Lala’s campaign are below and pretty compelling.

What’s more interesting is the off-platform traffic the campaign created:

  • Lala’s YouTube subscribers exploded by a factor of 10, jumping from 230 to over 2,900 within a few months of the completion of the digital campaign (back in the summer of 2020).
  • At one point the YouTube video was gaining over 2,000 views per week for months.
  • Spotify streams are at 16,500+
  • The on-platform campaign exposed people to the video, then they consumed it on their preferred distribution sites (YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, etc.)
  • The YouTube video continues to generate traffic. (with no new content)
  • Her YouTube subscribers continue to grow. (with no new content)
  • Spotify streams continue to increase.
  • All this for $1,000 worth of ad spend.

Every dollar you spend on digital marketing

comes with an ROI in the form of data.

The Results

  • $1,053.13 – spent on ad buys
  • 2,394,329  -video plays
    • Cost = .000439 cents per video play
    • Viewed across 4 surfaces
      • Facebook Feeds
      • Facebook Stories
      • Instagram Feeds
      • Instagram Stories
  • 17,003 – people have watched 95%-99% of the video
    • These are not just consumption numbers
    • These are 17,003 different Facebook accounts owned by actual people
    • We can retarget these EXACT accounts with the next piece of content, ensuring that the people who really loved the first video see the next one!
    • Cost = .061 cents per 95%-99% view on the Facebook/Instagram video surfaces (Not counting YouTube video views and Streams)
  • 2,520 – Post Reactions
  • 167 – Post Saves
  • 577 – Post Shares (free advertising/exposure)
  • 5,612 – Link Clicks through to the artist’s website

…and we can specifically retarget every one of these accounts to build momentum.

$5,000 Budget Projections – Facebook/Instagram Surfaces:

  • 11,389,521 – video plays
  • 81,967 – 95% video views

$50,000 Budget Projections – Facebook/Instagram Surfaces:

  • 113,895,216 – video plays
  • 819,672 – 95% video views



The Music Video

The Testimonial