Then They Inspire Others

Inspiration: It’s a good thing.

It’s why we got into the music business to begin with. At Daredevil Production, we are fanatical about our work because inspiration produces the world that we want to live in.

Every day we successfully create demand for a product that nobody wants and nobody needs; new music.

It’s sophisticated, but it’s not rocket science. The formula for blowing up an artist brand has always been the same since we invented art; Get the art and the artist in front of new eyeballs and let them do their thing. A small percentage of those new eyeballs will fall in love and say, “That’s my jam!”

The method for executing this formula has changed many times over the course of history, almost always as a result of new technology.

Today is no different. Music consumers have always listened to the exact same thing; their jam. They will always choose what’s familiar to them.

Radio implemented rotational format programming to ensure that consumers heard a great song as many times as was necessary to be embedded in a consumers subconscious. The first time you heard that amazing debut single from that debut artist…it was really the sixth. Now, radio has lost it’s power to make the unfamiliar, familiar. If consumers don’t know the song, they can change it in seconds with a voice command to an artist they already know.

Because consumers now get to choose what they’re going to consume, they are no longer captive like they are when listening to radio. You can’t push a song on a digital platform the way you could on radio because they’ll change it. They choose the song, not the program director.

So, the game has changed once again. We understand how to target future fans, connect the artists with these fans, and create a relationship on a digital platform. We understand how to create content that will provide the repetition necessary to get fans familiar with an artist.

We know how to make an unfamiliar artist familiar with a digital consumer.

Imagine what a company like ours can do to connect you with your future audience.

Think about this. Music, all art really, is a product which has no deep-rooted, fundamental value in the marketplace until it’s manufactured. It’s not like a hammer, a mechanic, an accountant, or a cardboard box. Consumers instantly know exactly what these products & services are and what they mean to them at any given moment in time.

If you ask 1,000 people what they think about a cardboard box, most will probably think it’s trash, maybe even a hassle if they’re responsible to dispose of it. However, you’ll undoubtedly find a couple people in that group who are going to be moving sometime in the near future. Their response might be more like, “How much?”

Ask that same 1,000 people if they need any new music from an unknown artist and you’ll get 1,000 No’s. They have their jams.

Can you envision the sophisticated creative strategy that must exist to get a bunch of strangers to like a product that nobody wants and nobody needs?

We simply can’t wait to show you how our digital marketing will empower you to inspire more fans.