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Here’s how the song demo process works, once we receive payment for your song or songs, we will put your session on the books; we’ll set a date.  The first step is a pre-production meeting which is the collaborative, creative, meeting that happens either over the phone, via Skype, or face-to-face if you’re in town; this usually happens with me or a Daredevil Production team member.  We will listen to the work tape of your song or songs that you send us together as a team and begin to map out your artistic vision.  Now please, don’t worry about the quality of your work tape; it is not important.  What is important is that we can hear the song structure and lyrics and are able to discuss, and assist you in formulating your vision for the track.  I promise, all the audio files we get from our professional hit songwriters in town are work tapes done on a crappy computer microphone, or smart phone, tape recorder, etc. and the quality is usually very low.  Think about it, it SHOULD BE, it’s a work tape of your song and it’s our job to take it to another level!

But hey, don’t take our word for it, See for  yourself!!  Check out these “Before and Afters” below to see how the metamorphosis occurs!

[audio:https://daredevilmusicproduction.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/When-You-Break-Me-Down-B-amp-A.mp3|titles=When You Break Me Down Before and After] [audio:https://daredevilmusicproduction.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Fruity-and-Sweet-B-amp-A.mp3|titles=Fruity and Sweet Before and After] [audio:https://daredevilmusicproduction.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Green-Rabbit-B-amp-A.mp3|titles=Green Rabbit Before and After]

In this pre-production meeting we find many writers who are quite satisfied with their songs and feel they are ready to record.  In this instance we will discuss the writer’s vision for style and “feel” of the song, as well as any instrumentation the writer is “hearing” on the track so we can “Cast” the appropriate musicians.  Once we have a clear understanding of the writer’s vision, we will have the song “charted” using the “Nashville Number System” and we are now prepared to record with the full band.  On the other hand, oftentimes, writers require some assistance with their songs before we record them.  In this case, we will offer whatever help the writer feels he or she requires in the way of, lyrics, song structure, style, melody, the “feel” of the song, instrumentation, etc.   If the pre-production yields any changes to the song, which is somewhat common, we may re-record the work tape at this point to give our studio musicians a better idea of the correct structure of the song and to ensure we have a correct chart.  Then we chart the song and we are prepared to record with the band.

Kelly and I will then cast your session with the proper musicians and professional singers.  The sessions typically start at 10am and will go for 3 hours.  The musicians will gather in the control room and listen to the work tape of your song while reading the chart and discussing your artistic image.  Once we have finished this meeting, the musicians will move into the studio space to begin tracking your songs. By 1pm we break for lunch and we will have completed all the music tracks for your song by now.  These musicians we use have all played on tons of Major Label releases so once the band clues into the feel and the vision of the song things go pretty fast!  After lunch, we will begin with the singers and work with them crafting the vocal tracks for your songs usually until about 6 or 7pm.  By now, we are ready to mix the tracks of your song; this is where we typically slow things down a bit as this is where Kelly gets very creative, very artistic.  It’s not unusual for Kelly to revisit a mix over the course of 2 or 3 days; he will be constantly tweaking it; we just don’t stop until WE are satisfied.  Mixing is an art form completely separate from the production and engineering skill-sets.  There are mix engineers in town who make a great living just mixing songs; guess what…Kelly is one of those mix engineers so your in good hands!!  It is a very complex process that involves a TON of experience, a gifted set of ears, a killer recording rig, a professional audio console, (in other words, all the cool equipment, and believe me, it’s not cheap!)  A good mix truly makes the difference between a mediocre sound and a KILLER sound on the finished product.  You should be able to HEAR every single instrument, you should be able to clearly HEAR the vocalist and lyrics, you should be able to HEAR all the nuances that our studio musicians play that will make your song really come to life.  So in a nutshell, we will have your mixed song demos roughly 2-4 days after the date of your session making the turnaround time pretty quick.

                                      Specifics of the Deal                                       

So Now is the time to take the next step and set up your session to record your songs.  Buy now, I’m sure you want to know the specifics of this deal like the cost of these demos?  With Kelly’s name on 70-million records right now, and a current major label release climbing the charts, I’m quite proud to say that we are able to command $1,800.00 per song on our demo rates these days.  With this special we are offering, the cost to you, if you make your purchase within the next 30-days is only $895 per song.  This low price includes absolutely every step of the demo process including pre-production, the recording, the studio time, all the necessary musicians, the professional vocalists, charts, the mix for each song, and , of course, Kelly Schoenfeld at the helm ensuring that your song sounds AMAZING!  Pretty cool, huh?   Just $895.00 and you get a killer complete song demo just days after your session date!

Think about what you could do with these demos right now!

What are your plans for your songs?

Is there someone personal you want to play them for?

Is your dream to get a publishing deal?

Is your dream to get your songs cut by major recording artists here in Nashville?

Well, this is the first step towards making that dream a reality!  AND you have already qualified for the special deal.


Remember, we are only offering this deal for the next 30-days so there are limited amount of session times available, and our calendar is filling up quickly with writers who can now afford to work with someone like Kelly Schoenfeld in a world class facility as opposed to a 2nd rate “demo studio” in someone’s basement.  So you need to call 888-232-2116 RIGHT NOW to ensure getting the discounted rate!!   Once again, you need to call 888-232-2116 RIGHT NOW to make certain you get this deal!  We are also happy to answer any further questions you have as well.  The best way to contact us right now is to either call 888-232-2116 or certainly you can email us at Johnny@daredevilproduction.com which is often preferable for our overseas clientele.  If you do live overseas, please include a good time to get in touch with you if you require more than an email exchange.

Well that wraps it up!  Once again, thank you for jumping through to our site and congratulations on taking the first step towards realizing your artistic vision by qualifying for this half price song demo deal at Daredevil Production.  I highly recommend browsing the site to listen to streaming audio from some of our past projects, read up on Kelly, and to look at some of the pictures of the studio!  We look forward to working with you!!