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Remember, a song demo is a demonstration of the lyric, melody, and vibe of a song. The intent is to demonstrate this song to A&R execs, producers, publishing companies, song pluggers, and ultimately artists for the purposes of getting a cut on a record.  This is a decidedly different audience than an Artist Track that is designed to impress consumers.

Daredevil Production offers all songwriters and publishing companies the highest level of sonic and artistic quality for their song demo needs.

We only utilize top session players and amazing professional singers to execute flawless performances in our world class recording facility at Ragtop Recording. Whether you are a publishing company, hit songwriter, a beginning songwriter, DDP will deliver awesome demonstrations of your songs at a competitive price. Of course, the Music Row studio location makes demo recording extremely convenient for all Nashville publishing companies.Professional Focus On Quality image Demo

Additionally, we have a super-cool ability to help amateur songwriters realize their vision and get a solid, industry standard song demo. So if you have ever thought of getting professional recordings of your songs, give us a call and we will show you what we can do.


Check out some “Before and After” recordings HERE to listen to the difference


Don’t worry if you only write lyrics!

Songwriting Brain is 70 percent LyricsWe often help lyricists put melody and music to their creations with a Work For Hire program that allows them to retain 100% of the rights to the song!







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