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Bottom Line Doubt WomanFar too many of you are dumbfounded and FRUSTRATED because you aren’t selling your CD’s after you put so much time, effort, money, blood, sweat, and tears into your beloved project.


How come nobody cares?


What is the reason that they aren’t selling?


YOU are the reason you aren’t selling.


That is to say it’s your business model.

Your bottom line is unless you recognize this fact and adjust accordingly you will continue getting the same results.


Bottom Line Signed Contract 2


Let’s say you were going to sign your dreamlike coveted major label record deal today. Let’s say the label agreed to a budget of 2 million dollars to launch your career.


MAYBE $200,000 would go towards making the record broken up into expenses that range from producers, engineers, studio time, musicians, food and lodging for all, mixing, mastering, and duplication.


That leaves $1.8 million.


What would they possibly spend that on?



A major label record company never signed an artist using your current business model. That is to record the project the best they can and put it on the shelves, cross their fingers, and hope the world will catch on.


90% of the budget would go to exposing the artist’s music to a targeted audience and CREATING DEMAND for a product that nobody actually needs.Bottom LIne Chess


It’s a slight bit easier when you make a product that people need and you have to market the product to compete with the other products, like gasoline, automobiles, food, clothing, electronic devices, cleaning supplies, tools, building materials, restaurants, etc.


No, you are marketing a product that nobody is looking for or actually needs.


This is a trickier challenge. Recognize it and treat it as such.


I would imagine MOST of you haven’t really spent ANY money marketing your music meaning 100% of your precious funds were spent recording the project.

Bottom Line Business Plan


Those few that have spent any amount of money marketing probably spent 99% of the allotted budget on recording and maybe 1% on marketing, if that.


Record labels spend around 10% of the budget making the record, 90% marketing it.


You spent 100% of your budget making your CD and zero marketing it.



And the y’all get frustrated because nobody seems to care.


You get more than frustrated.


You get downright depressed.

Bottom Line Disappointment Road


You begin to doubt.


Maybe you’re always doubting and you increase your doubt every time you think about it.


You then begin to think of plan B, right?


Nobody knows about your music, man.


You don’t know how to reach them and they’re NOT looking to find you.


If you did know what you were doing, people would know about you.


Zero dollars on educating yourself about marketing were spent on your project.

Zero dollars paying a company to market your music were spent on your project.

Or very little was spent and probably misspent at that.


Let’s take a look at Daredevil Production artist, Tanya Marie Harris.

Bottom Line Tanya Marie Harris


Yes, she’s incredibly talented.


She’s also incredibly smart.


To be clear we produce Tanya and I occasionally have marketing conversations with her, but Tanya has done all her own marketing.


Instead of spending all her money on a whole CD she started with 2 songs. Then spent her precious monetary resources on marketing.


In this December 29th Chicago Tribune article she explains just a few of the accomplishments she’s achieved with this approach.

Read it now.


Maybe your business model needs to be tweaked?





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