Releasing A Single Soon?

Here’s what we did with one of our artists

Meet Daredevil Production artist, The Nashvillains.

They plan to release their first single in late 2019 or early 2020.

However, we’re moving full speed ahead growing their audience utilizing a customized digital marketing campaign.

Here’s the deal. The formula to grow an artist brand has never changed since we invented art; get the art and the artist in front of new eyeballs, and let them do their thing. 

With digital marketing, it’s this tried-and-true formula we successfully use, however, the method to execute this formula must be different. Digital marketing is not a broadcast platform, it’s consumed 1-to-1 and the consumer is in control of what they will consume. Therefore, we must create content for them in the beginning. We can’t push a new single on a digital platform the same way you could on radio.

In this situation, The Nashvillains are consummate pros! They know exactly what their doing. We encouraged them to work up a couple covers and put their “artistic fingerprints” all over it.

The plan was to promote these cover videos first to grow their audience and then release their debut single to an audience that is already familiar with their brand.

The following videos show you exactly what they came up with artistically. Below those videos you can see the results from the ads we ran including reach, engagement, and consumption statistics.

Step One:

We released The Nashvillains interpretation of Miranda Lambert’s “Kerosene” first. The ad-budget was $2,000.

The results from Step One: Over 35k people saw at least 25% of this video and we can reach these exact people again.

Step Two:

Next, we released The Nashvillains interpretation of “Shallow” from the blockbuster movie A Star Is Born. 

Again, the ad budget for this video is $2,000.

The targeting for this ad also included the 200k people who saw the last video. People that have already become aware of the artist are now called a “warm audience”. These people are now seeing our artist for the second time interpreting a piece of music that they’re likely very familiar with.

Step Three:

Step three will be forthcoming. We expect to have about 400,000 people at this point that have become aware of our artist.

Stay Tuned.