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Fearless Production fate loves the fearless

I really want to share something with y’all.  It may sound a bit self-serving but I’m thinking of you (as always) so read through to the end…you’ll get it.  Here’s the deal, I’m super excited today. Kelly Schoenfeld and I were chosen to develop an artist who has really got the gift.  This artist’s vocal tone is rich and the control she has over her instrument is astounding.  She sounds vintage, like REALLY vintage.Fearless Production Patsy Cline

She sounds like a cross between (and this is going to sound weird but it is accurate) a 25 year old Patsy Cline and Dwight Yoakam.

So here’s the kicker…she’s 11.

The reason they chose Daredevil Production was fearless production and marketing.

I feel they recognized we were willing to find a formula to feature her Fearless Production Dwight Yoakamold-fashioned vocal tone with a modern musical landscape.  Also we had the added benefit of a solid marketing plan to begin building a demand for the record now to create sales whenever it’s finished.

We are quite proud of that.

We wanted to accent her strengths and build something current around where she lives artistically which once again is a vintage sound.

Fearless Production do something different for a change

We wanted to do something different.

We wanted to do something that is currently NOT happening on the radio.

We were in tune with where the artist and her parents wanted to go and we are in a position to do something about it.


This got me thinking about all of you.

Your artistry.

Kelly and I are fearless when it comes to developing artists that are unique (thus the name Daredevil Production) because we are confident that we know how to find an audience that is willing to and wanting to listen to their art the way they want to do it.

You can target your audience through social mediafile000458994938

That’s a big bonus in the new music industry y’all should be exploiting regularly.  You can target your audience through social media.  You can create demand.  It will be foreign at first but it’s doable and people make money at it every day.

Radio will change for her instead of her changing for radio

We understand that we can artistically guide this artist to a place where she can make a living her way. If there is enough momentum to really blow her up then radio will change for her instead of her changing for radio.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em that’s the way Florida Georgia Line did it. There’s your proof it can be done.

How many of you are chasing something that is already popular artistically speaking?

Here we have a very cool situation that shouldn’t really be that unique but sadly, it is.  The circumstances are that we have an artist with extreme talent, who we believe has an insatiable work ethic, is completely open to “playing in the sandbox” with us artistically, and willing to embrace new marketing strategies as well.

In other words, the artist and her parents are unencumbered by “the way it used to be” or by “the way it should be” in their heads which literally frees them up to accomplish anything.

Fearless Production the sky's the limitThe Sky’s the limit.


Are you thinking like this?

Are you open to and actively operating your independent artist business in the new music business model or are you stuck in the old music business model?


Want some more proof?

Taylor Swift is operating out of the new business model.Fearless Production Taylor Swift

  • As of this week she is the only artist EVER to have 3 records in a row sell more than 1 million units in the first 7 days of release.
  • She is also the first artist to have a 1st week million selling release since Eminem in 2002.
  • “1989” is a personal best with first week sales outselling all her previous albums.
  • If that wasn’t enough, she is the ONLY artist in any genre to have a million selling record this year.

All this happened with a record that received ZERO support from country radio where all her previous releases were Fearless Production Taylor Swift 1989promoted.

Think about that for a second.

She literally jumped ship and abandoned the pipeline that fed her so well throughout her storied career.

1 word:  GUTS.

The reason she can do this is because she has a serious connection with her audience (they’re called Swifties).  She is constantly thinking about new ways to market her music.

Fearless Production mark twain quoteIn many past articles I have written about how it is much easier for the artists to make a living these days in the music business. This is true if you’re willing to operate with a completely open mind free of your ego, daydream scripts, and nostalgia.

Are you truly making something great or do you have to give a disclaimer before someone listens to your music?

Are you serious about cracking the code to creating and deepening relationships online with your fans?


That takes real work.Fearless Production Do one thing every day that scares you

I promise that if a fan feels they have a connection with you and your music they will easily pay $10 to support you. Even more.



The only thing standing in your way is you.


Stay tuned about this 11 year old artist, you will be hearing from her soon.


Oh, and stay in tune.



Fearless Production keep calm and stay in tune



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