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If you read my last post, hopefully you understand the concept of marketing (and how it’s commonly confused with digital distribution), customer list building, and the monetization of that customer list. If online sales are mathematically predictable, then once the sales funnel is optimized, you need only worry about average revenue per contact (bundles, other widgets, etc.) and traffic.

How do you create traffic?Traffic Predictable

How do you drive traffic to your squeeze page or get a live audience to text a keyword both of which will put consumers into the sales funnel?

There are endless possibilities, here are a few:

  • Live shows
  • Social Media
  • YouTube Channel
  • Blogging
  • Article Writing
  • PR
    • TV Exposure
    • Print Ad Exposure
    • Blog interviews
    • Magazine interviews
  • List Sharing
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Advertising (YouTube, Online Blogs, etc.)



Traffic Bang for your Buck


With this new mindset of capturing contact information, one can really get the most “Bang for your buck” with every form of exposure.

Live Shows

Google IS an advertising company, so why on earth would they buy Motorola for a bazillion dollars and purchase an 80 million dollar ad campaign from another ad agency?Traffic Google Motorola

Because Google knows it needs to be in your smart phone.

This is real.

You need to internalize this.


Text Capture is a killer way for an artist to take advantage of the implied power they have when they’re onstage to create real traffic to their sales funnel.



Whether you’re up in front of 100 people or 10,000 people there is an implied power given to you by the audience.



file0002005996090Sometimes we refer to this power as the artist “Having audience in the palm of their hand”. The crowd will mostly do what you tell them to do.


Imagine THANKING everyone for attending the show from your stage and offering up a free gift for the audience’s effort.


You say, “I’m so happy y’all are here tonight.  I want to and I’m GOING to return the gesture because y’all are important to me. I’m going to give you a free track for coming out! Everyone get your cell phones up in the air right now! I want you to text the keyword _______ to this number and get your free song.  Thanks again, I love and support you too.”Traffic Thank you



Boom, just like that you could have tons of opt-ins to your sales funnel.



FYI, the conversion rates on traffic from a live show are astounding.

Those of you who regularly find yourselves on the county fair or festival circuits are wasting this amazing opportunity to connect with the THOUSANDS of consumers that have experienced you live for the purposes of driving traffic to your sales funnel.

Traffic Get Over It


Btw, if you’re rolling your eyes at the idea of sales get over it.


You going to have to get over it.





I have seen even the most “hippiest” of hippies who followed the Grateful Dead selling spaghetti to afford the trip to the next venue.

Commerce has to happen if you want to make a living.

DSC07870-Sat Color Boost

Those of you with a regular draw are wasting the ability to connect directly with your audience to ensure consistent growing attendance. Btw, that “regular draw” will have an insane conversion rate.


Google “Text Capture” to find all the companies that will compete for your business in this technology.  Most will seamlessly connect to your CRMs like aWeber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.

Social Media



Traffic Social MediaSocial media is a major component although it is not everything.

Social media is an awesome tool to target the traffic that will most likely connect with your art.


Once the potential traffic is targeted you simply need to serve up the effective language to direct them to your squeeze page (AKA top of the sales funnel) to turn them into real traffic.

Traffic Craig Gerdes



EXAMPLE: We worked with a super talented artist named Craig Gerdes who wrote a song called “Haggard Fan”. At the time we started working with Craig he had a Twitter account but hadn’t paid too much attention to it (like many artists).

We cut “Haggard Fan” and targeted…well, Merle Haggard fans on Twitter.



It was literally like shooting fish in a barrel.  We had a killer song, a killer track, and if you think about it, an audience that was prepared to love it.

In a couple months we grew Gerdes’ Twitter account from 27 followers to over 5,000.


How did we drive traffic you ask?Traffic Auto DM's


We simply set up a revolving automated DM for everyone that followed Craig.


Some will tell you automated automated DM’s are a nuisance.

I will tell you if the content is good and served up correctly, the content is welcome.


The DM said something like, “Wow, TY 4 the follow! I am so grateful. I want you 2 have a free track 4 giving me a shot. Go2 HaggardFan.com today”


This garnered us 2,000 downloads of the single in just a couple months and, if there was a CD to sell (which there wasn’t), we would’ve mathematically sold at least 100 CD’s + the upsell revenue from any bundles that were on his web store.


That was JUST using Twitter.

How would you feel about your artist career if you could add $2,000-$4,000 of online sales in the next couple months?


For many of you that would be a huge improvement.

Let’s be honest for many of you that would the difference between $0.00 and whatever revenue the traffic created.


That would easily pay for 5 years of subscriptions to premium social media tools, huh?


Get it?


Now implement Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and boom, you have a real network going on.


Btw, Instagram is, by far, the most engaging of the largest social media platforms.



Traffic Crack The Code

Learn to crack the Instagram code.


HINT: it’s the same code as Twitter.




Next week I am going to turn y’all on to the 10 fundamentals of creating a successful YouTube Channel that will drive traffic to your sales funnel.

Until then…Traffic YouTube Strategy







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